Monday, January 2, 2012

And the winner is...

Thank you everyone for sharing all your wonderful memories with me. After reading all of them, I realized that I loved them all, but I can only choose one.

And the winner is:

Chevonne Pannullo... CONGRATULATIONS!!!

BloggerChevonne Pannullo said...

My favorite Christmas memory from my childhood - when I was little, we lived in an apartment in Queens, NY. My Nana would stay over on Christmas Eve, and help my parents with all the Christmas prep. Finishing wrapping, getting the gifts all under the tree. Well, one year, we were in bed, and I kept hearing a strange noise. I kept getting out of bed, and trying to sneak into the livingroom to see what it was. Nana kept intercepting my attempts. She would wrap her arms around me, and carry me back to bed. Well, I was persistant! Eventually, she picked me up, and put me in bed, then layed down next to me, and told me stories until I fell asleep. I remember laying there and her pointing to the stars in the sky, that we could see through the window.
It's funny with childhood memories - some are faint, and others are so vivid. This is one of those vivid memories, that I'm so happy to have.
Thank you for your generous giveaway! Your blog is great, and your scraproom - wow! Totally amazing!
Happy Holidays!!

Chevonne, Please e-mail me your address so I can ship it by the end of the week to

Thank you everyone who participated. I appreciate all the new followers. I look forward to sharing a great deal of new ideas, inspiration a little bit of my crazy life. Plus look for more giveaways throughout the year.

Once again thanks for stopping by,

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anna christensen crafts said...

Congratulations to Chevonne, what a wonderful start to the New Year! A lovely memory - thank you for sharing Happy New Year xx

Elizabeth said...

Congrats, Chevonne! Enjoy!

Chevonne Pannullo said...

Thank you so much!! I'm so sorry I'm late to the blog! My computer crashed, and after getting a new one, I have slowly, slowly been going through all the blogs I had. I had a feeling something was going on with my computer, so I emailed all of my favorites to myself.

I loved reading all of the Christmas memories - they are all so special, and wonderful. <3

Happy New Year!!

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