Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A little Peek

  It was a late night scrapping while everyone was asleep as I was being crafty. Here is a peek of what I was working on and I need to work on today. I will share a photo when it’s finally finished. I love the vintage looking Valentines cards and I remember during school when I was in elementary I would get so excited to write my name on the cards I would give my class every Valentine’s day. I could not wait to see how many I would receive and I loved getting a box of heart shaped conversation candy from my teacher. I still love buying the heart shaped candy because it brings back so many wonderful memories.

Thanks for stopping by for a visit!

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Lavinia said...

Hi Joe! Got to your blog via the Crafty Room Storage site. Great room, lucky you, wonderful looking & very inspiring! You do some amazing work & I love your style! Warm Regards for a very cold & Rainy England!

Diana Joy said...

That is very pretty. Love it all. Don't you just love doilies? They make crafting fun and easy. Take care.

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