Monday, January 9, 2012

My Amy & Lucy

 Hope everyone had a great weekend; It was a beautiful weekend with great weather to be outdoors. I have been cleaning up and packing all the holiday decorations and finally got around to take everything to storage. What a job that was. I also am getting ready for a little valentine crafty-ness and I hope to get started today.
 I wanted to share a photo of my too little lady`s in my life. Amy & Lucy are my dogs who are both 5 years old and are sisters. They have the same Dad but 2 different Moms, and are exactly 7 days apart. Amy the black and white dog has been going to the vet regular because of problems with her anal glands the last few months. She has had several infections and has had treatments and so many different antibiotics because she has some resistant bacteria in there and its taking a long time to get rid of the bacteria. She has had so many tests and the good thing is that it’s isolated in her glands and nowhere else. The down side is that all the antibiotics have been really hard on her tummy and now we are working on that and she is on a special diet and milder medication this time around. She is doing really good and is back to herself which is amazing since her last visit. We go back this week and then we have to decide when she is going to have her procedure done to treat her infection again but without the strong antibiotics she was on. I know some people might think this is a little extreme for a pet and it is very costly but, they are a part of the family and there is nothing we wouldn’t do for them! I just wanted to share this with you because they are my babies and mean the world to me. I will keep you updated as we take care of our Amy.
Amy & Lucy

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anna christensen crafts said...

Joe, I'm sending 'good vibes' to Amy, let's hope it all gets sorted out. lots of love Anna x

Barbara said...

Joe hope all goes well for amy and what sweet babys you have.hugs

Lavinia said...

Love your cute baby girls! I agree with you, our pets are totally part of the family. My Mr Binxz is my fur baby! I have no kids, so he gets even more attention :) and if he needed medical care & money spending on him, just like anyone else in the family, then so be it!
Cute pic! And thanx for becoming a follower of mine :) I have posted a link on my blog to yours.

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