Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tea cup nests

  Here are a couple of bird nest I made using tea cup and a saucer I had purchased them at a second hand store for $1.99 ! I used different dried mosses and alot of old jewelry and odds and ends I had here.Most of the jewelry is my grandmothers which I cherish even though its costume but alot of it is really old vintage style.The nests look really nice in my scrap studio and I am looking for more tea cups to make more little nests.

  I can not believe December is just around the corner and I have a lot of crafting to do. This is my favorite time of year and my birthday is almost here! I have to put my Christmas tree up in the next week or two! I am so excited because I love the cold weather and all the holiday decorations!

Have a great Wednesday!
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Jo said...

my friend just pointed me in your direction ... i love your little nest!

Cassie said...

these are so super sweet! i love anything birds and tea cups too!

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