Saturday, March 31, 2012

New Card

 Its Saturday and its a cloudy and cold day today.We might get some rain out of this but we will see what happens. I was up late last night playing with some of the new paper I had received the other day from Prima. Its called romantique. Its an older line from Prima but its one of my favorites! I made this Kraft card using the paper and flowers from that line. I also did an envelope made of Kraft paper to go with the card.I added some lace and a little bling to the card and it came out with a vintage look. I am thinking of what I will make next because I am so excited on how my Amy is doing now that I will have more time to craft with my friend Toni! Lets see what happens next week after I take my Amy to a follow up and Paco has a follow up too. Wish us luck!



Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and enjoy the rest of your Saturday!

Thanks again for visiting!
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Friday, March 30, 2012

Happy Friday

 TGIF! I'm so glad the weekend is here. Look what I get to play with! I opened one of the box's I had received from CHA last night. I am in heaven! I can not wait to get crafty with all my new goodies, I love looking at all the new product and trying to make room for all this stuff is crazy!! ( Like I need more) LOL... Amy is doing really great now so it looks like I can start getting crafty next week with my friend Toni. I hope everyone had a Happy Friday today!

Looks like we might get some rain here in Cali this weekend. Have a wonderful weekend, and thanks for visiting!
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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Shopping with my friend day!

 Today I was able to go and spend some time with my friend Toni now that my Amy is doing better! So we decided to go have lunch and the do some damage at one of our local scrapbook stores in Whittier! I have a few special orders to create for a friend. So I had to pick up just a few things and I was actually impressed with myself that I did not go overboard. LOL I hope to get started next week on the projects but I am really excited because a couple of my orders from CHA arrived today! I am going to open my goodies tonight and see what came. I am just like a kid with a new toy! I love new paper and embellishment's and ribbons you can never have to much stuff if you are a scrapbooker!

I'm glad the weekend is almost here and I hope everyone has a Happy Friday!
Thanks again for visiting!
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Monday, March 26, 2012

Happy Monday

 Its a beautiful Monday today after a rainy day yesterday! I love the rain because it really gets me inspired to be creative. I love the sound of the rain and yesterday was a windy rainy day. My Amy is doing great and I decided to go to my friends birthday party just for a little bit. I felt a little guilty going and leaving Amy , but my Mom said I will watch her so I went. When I got home she was fine. She rested the whole time and was very excited to see me.

 I made this card last night using left overs I had from My Minds Eye. I had a couple of Prima flowers and I had purchased this small crochet doily and added it to the card. I used a Kraft card I had purchased from our local office supply store and I love how it looks. I love Kraft paper because you can add it to any project and it a neutral paper. I did really quick last night and it was raining quite hard so It got my creative juices going. (LOL) I just love the rain!

Have a Happy Monday everyone, and thanks for visiting!
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Friday, March 23, 2012

Birthday Car & Amy update

Here is a birthday card I did last night for one of my dearest friend. I made it on acrylic for her and I used Webster pages paper and Martha Stewart birthday stickers, some American craft letters and a little bling. Its going to be a huge party tomorrow night. I am really excited to go because its a 50th celebration and I have not seen some the people who are going since high school! I cannot wait for her to see it.

My Amy is doing great! I am so happy for her because she is her old self again and she is no longer on any pain medication! Woo Whoo! :) She just had stitches that we have to make sure she doesn't rub them off. She goes back next Friday to have them removed! we still have to have her with a us all the time to make sure she wont try to lick the stitches because they are itching her. She really went through a lot and I'm glad its almost over for her.



Thanks again for visiting!
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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Amy Is Home

 Just a quick update on Amy and I want to thank all of you for you E-mails and postings and kind words and support about Amy's heath. She is FINALLY HOME! After 9 days at the vets she came home last night. It was a wonderful feeling to bring her home where she belongs. It was hard to leave her there but it was for the best. She is doing wonderful and is on her way back to herself. She has just a little discomfort now but is quickly going away with time. She is happy and excited to be home. Her sister Lucy was beside herself when she saw Amy! She was barking and jumping trying to see Amy!  Her stitches have finally healed and the swelling is almost all gone! She did really good all day today so she is keeping me busy with a huge appetite and is resting and only on 2 medications now! Yippie! I'm am so glad the worst is finally over and that my Amy is home with us! I will keep you all posted and soon as I can, I will add some photos of her. I hope to get some crafting done cause I have a birthday party this weekend.

Thank you again for all of your support and I am truly blessed with wonderful Friends like you!
And thanks for the visit!

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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Amy Update and Cupcake Album

 Amy did not come home today. Our vet said it was up to us to bring her home today but Monday would be a little better. Her stitches just needed a couple more days at the vet so they can make sure she did not rub them off again and we would have to bring her back and do it all over again. She is looking really good and she is in no pain at all and the swelling is finally gone. We aid we will bring home on Monday. She is in great care and they just think she is the sweetest thing ever!I get to hold her for a while and so did my Mom. She was really happy to see us and I know she misses us because she was crying for us not cause she was sad it was because she does this when she is really excited and happy. We miss her and just a couple more days until she is home. I think this time it will be a sure thing.

 I finally finished the cupcake album and Birthday card for my neighbors baby's first birthday last night. Here are a few photos I took and I gave it today to my neighbors and they loved it!

 Thanks again for all your kind posts and Emails about Amy I really appreciate them.
And thanks for visiting !

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Amy`s visit

 Yesterday and today I went to go visit Amy to see how she is doing at the vet. She is doing amazing! She is getting care around the clock from our vet. She had to  stay because she was having allot of discomfort and swelling from her surgery. So our vet recommended for her to stay so they can give her much needed medication attention to her stitches than we can at home. And so we wont have to be bringing her back everyday. Our vet said we were doing a great job but there is only so much we can do here at home. They are going to have to redo her stitches again because she rubbed them off here at home over the weekend. They are keeping her in a confined place so she can`t run around and try to rub her stitches out again. She was so excited to see me and my friend Toni when we went to see her yesterday and today I just took a peek to see her because I did not want to get her stressed when she sees me and then wants to come home. I will go back tomorrow to see if she will come home or maybe on Saturday morning. I want her to get the best care possible no matter what it costs us. The good thing is she is on her way to recovery and is feeling so much better now that they are with her around the clock.

 We truly have a wonderful veterinarian and they have an amazing staff and I know she is in good hands. I know some people might not understand why we fuss over our pets, but they are a big part of my family!We miss her SO MUCH and can not wait for her to come home because she has been at the vets since Monday morning. I also want to thank everyone for all of your post and e-mails you have sent me concerning our Amy and I truly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart! I am truly blessed to have amazing friends! here is a picture I took of Amy yesterday.

Wish me luck that she can come home soon with us. I will keep you posted on Amy.

Thanks again for visiting !

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A little scrapbooking today

 I was able to get a little scrapbooking in today because I did not have Amy. I have an update on her. I had to take her back to see her vet yesterday. She was not feeling good because she has a lot of swelling and afraid to go potty. One of her set of stitches had opened. They had redid them on Saturday but with her not staying put and trying to run around.  At home and she kept trying to rub them. I did my best to keeping close watch but the stitches are in a delicate area.  I had thought I was going to go pick her up today, but she is going to be at the vets until the end of the week! (Tear)…She needs around the clock care to get her swelling down and stronger medication and they can tend to her better there. I am feeling very sad to have my Amy away for so long but this is the best way to help her get well! I am going to try to keep busy and get a little crafting done to try not to worry about my Amy. I will call daily to see how she is doing. I won’t go and see her because it will only stress her out .Let’s see if I finish the birthday gifts I need to get done. Wish me luck.
This is what my work area looked like today.

Have a wonderful Tuesday and thanks again for visiting!

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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Update on my Amy

Here is what has happened in the last couple of days since Amy had her surgery. She was doing really great until Wednesday morning. After she went out side to do her business I guess she strained to much and that's when she was having trouble holding it in. She was having more swelling and discomfort along with discharge from the small little drainage hole. It had become really inflamed and I had to be cleaning her all that day and was up all night with her. I took her to the vet yesterday morning and they had to clean her stitches up to make sure she did not get it infected. She was afraid to squeeze her muscles. Amy had to stay at the vet overnight because they had to redo her stitches to close the drainage and make it smaller.

The Dr. also told me that with the swelling it opened the drainage hole to much. I went back to go pick her up yesterday. She is way better now. I just have to keep an eye on her all the time. I will take her back on Monday for a follow up. This is rough on her but she is in no pain. The great news is that its beginning to heal therefore the itching is starting. We can not let her lick or rub her stitches.

She is resting now and I just want her to get better soon!!!

Look what came in the mail yesterday. Finally! I have had a hard time trying to buy this cartridge like forever. Its been back ordered all over and online as well. I happened to check back at and they had it! I received it in 2 days with free shipping on orders of $25 and up.Take a look they have great deals all the time. Thanks to my friend Toni who reminded me of this cool website. As soon as I have time I cant wait to play with it.

Thank you again for all your posts and E-mail asking how my Amy is doing. We really appreciate your support and kind words. Thanks for visiting.
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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My work area/ Amy update

 OK I just have a minute to do a quick post while Amy is asleep. Because she had her surgery yesterday and I have to take care of Amy. I first want to thank everyone for the posts and e-mails regarding Amy. Her surgery went great! They were only able to do one side because her left anal gland was REALLY bad. The right side looked fine so they just flushed it out and injected it with antibiotics for now. She is swollen and has stitches and I am watching the drainage so she doesn't hurt herself or get it infected. So soon as she recovers in a month or so if her right side has no infection she might not have to have surgery, but if it is infected they will have to do the other side.
Here is a picture of her and she is resting well and that all that matters and that she is in no discomfort.

  Here is what my work area looks like.I have projects to work on and another birthday card to make but for now this is how it will stay until Amy able to get around without help cause they don't want her stitches to open up if she jumps or runs around. I hope to get back to my crafting soon, but my Amy comes first.

Thanks again for visiting!

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Monday, March 5, 2012

 Here is my Amy who is having her surgery tomorrow. I will be up early to take her to the vet. I am so nervous for her and I know she is in good hands but I feel like a parent whos child is sick. Amy is a very good dog and I hate to see go through anymore tests and all the medication she has had to take.

   She will be so much happier once she has her anal glands removed and wont have to see the vet every week anymore. So wish us luck and keep her in your prayers. I know some people might not
understand why we fuss over our pets and with us no matter how much it costs us, as long as she gets better thats all that matters to us! We love our dogs like if they are my kids! They are a part of my family!

Thanks again for visiting !

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Saturday, March 3, 2012

It`s been a while

 It’s been a while since I have posted. I have been busy here at home and shopping and trying to get some crafting done. I have been very busy with one of our dogs Amy. She has been going through some medical issues for a few months now and its finally coming done to her having surgery next week! We had so many tests done, X-rays blood work, and we also had a specialist step in with our vet.  She has had infection after infection in her anal glands and in the process with all the antibiotics, it really took a toll on her tummy.  Now she is on a special diet and on antacids and probiotics for her tummy. The funny thing is that she is doing fine other than a sensitive tummy and the infection just won’t go away. It is several types’ of resistant bacteria which is isolated in her anal glands. That’s why we are having her glands removed so she won’t have to be going to the vet EVERY week anymore! This is the only way to get rid of the bacteria. FINALLY!

 She is a trooper and takes her medications well but no more oral antibiotics for her for now. I’m sure she is so tired of taking medication by now. I will keep you posted because she is going to be very sore and tender and she will have stitches on both side by her tail, so I will have to be with her at all time they said because she can’t jump or do any kind of running around for at least a week. I can`t help it but I am feeling nervous but I know she is in good hands.
I was a little crafty this afternoon and this is what I came up with. I had this bottle just sitting here and pieces of lace and some loose pearls in a jar and this rose and I added a little diamond dust to the rose for sparkle. It came out really nice for just bits n pieces.

Have a wonderful Sunday, and thanks again for visiting!
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