Tuesday, December 24, 2013

{ Merry Xmas }

Wishing you and your family

 a very Merry Christmas!

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Sunday, December 8, 2013

{ My Grandfaters Layout }

 Today would have been my Grandfathers Birthday! He was born on December 8th 1912 so that would make him 101 today. He passed
away back in 2003 and I cant believe its been 10 year this past September! I miss him very much but I know he is happy now that he is with my Grandmother again.

I made this layout to take to the cemetery today for his birthday I made it simple and added a poem to it.
Wishing you a Happy Birthday Papa !!
Thanks for visiting and have a wonderful Sunday!
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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

{ Doggie/Daycare }

 Hi everyone, here are a few photos of the dogs I care for while my neighbors are at the office or and business  trips. Here is Missy, Blondie, Buddy and Lucy. Lucy is the puppy and is almost a year so she keeps me really busy!I love spending time with them and they love their Uncle Joe...lol They keep me busy M-F this is where I`ve been and Its getting harder to spend time in my garden but I do my best because I am cleaning the yard up getting ready for the cold weather season. I hope everyone has a great week!!

Thanks again for visiting !
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Sunday, November 10, 2013

{ Happy / Sad Kinda Day }

 Hi everyone, Its been a long time since my last post. I'm sorry for not posting and keep you all up to date with what's going on in my hectic life. I have been doing a little crafting but not as much as I'd like to. I have been busy helping out my neighbor with taking care of her 4 Maltese dogs since her job has become really hectic the last few months. I spend most of my time with the doggies during the day while she is at the office M-F, plus one of her dogs is a puppy and is a handful, but I love it! I will share some photos next chance I get.

 Today 95 years ago God gave us an amazing woman who I call my Grandma! She turned 95 today and even though she is in heaven we still celebrate her birthday. We take her flowers and go visit her at the cemetery every year. Its been 4 years on the 7th this month that's she passed away. Its still really hard for me but I know she is always with me because when things don't go the way you want them to, or when I'm feeling sad or just having a bad day, I can almost hear her comforting voice saying to me," Everything will be OK just have faith ". I miss her so much and I dream of her often. I believe she is trying to tell me that she is always by my side. She will always be in my heart and I know some day she will be waiting for me when its time for me to leave this earth and I bet she will be the first in line waiting to hug and kiss me and welcome me home!!

Happy Birthday Gram !!!!

I love you always your eldest Grandson Joe xoxo

Thanks again for visiting !!

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

{ Finished Project }

 Its finally done! Here is the Baby girl printers tray with the photos added. She is so adorable and her big brothers are so excited to have a baby sister now. My Cousin just loved it when she received it and I'm so happy they liked it. I just wanted to share the project with the photos in it.

Hope everyone has a terrific week and thanks again for the visit!

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

{ Last Sunflowers }

 Here are the last of my sun flowers for this year. Its almost the end of summer and they finally the last bunch bloomed and just a few more to bloom. I wanted to share them because I love sunflowers and I had planted so many this year and this is what is left from my seedlings. This last bunch are in a huge pot I planted them in. I do have a few more in the front yard that are starting to bloom. They just seem to put a smile on my face when I look at them because, I think they are giving me a big smile back.

Have a wonderful day and thanks again for the visit!
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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

{ New Baby Gift }

 Hi everyone,
I know its been some time since my last post but its been busy as ever around here. I have a lot to do in my yard and summer is finally coming to an end so I have started to change up some of my hanging baskets with more fall and end of summer flowers and doing some thinning out and weeding.

 I have been doing a little crafting here for my Aunts new great granddaughter who was just born last month. so I came up with this cute baby girl printers tray so they can add a few photos of her. I made it using a white printers tray with 4x6 compartments and pink  and vintage white pearls and some ribbons with a brown distressed paper for the back ground. It actually a old vintage baby girl line from Daisy D`s which they no longer make. My aunt really loved it and I hope my cousin will too! Soon as I get the photos,I will add a few more little touches and it will be finished. I will share a photo when its all done.

 Once again I want to thank you for visiting and hope you have a great rest of the week!

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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

{ Blooms in my Garden }

 Hi everyone, Its been a while since my last posting and I have made some time to do a  post of what my garden is looking now in summer. I have also been taking care of my neighbors 4 dogs while  they are working and doing a lot of traveling for their company. I get up early and go over and feed their dogs in the morning then I go 2 to 3 times a day to let them out while they are at the office or away. I love spending time with the dogs and helping out my neighbor! I have also been working in the yard and I just put up a new bird house and hoping we get permanent residence soon!

  I have been working in the garden when I can to make sure everything gets watered before I go out. I have so many hanging baskets and potted flowers. I have planted new flowers from seed and I have planted new chili pepper  plants too. I am now working on the front yard too adding some new potted flowers and some on my fence to add color to the front. I also bought some more Gardenia's to add to the front, they are my Moms favorite and they seem to still want to bloom even though it is hot now. The last giant sunflower is in full bloom and I am hoping to get some sunflower seeds out of this one. I will try to post more of my yard as I plant new flowers.

 I love my flowers but that also bring bees because they love flowers too. We had a scare a few weeks back with my Lola because one morning on a Sunday I was out in the yard with her watering while she was running and playing, then I went to go look for her and she was by the back door to go in the house lying there and I went to call her and she did not move. So I went to get her and pick her up and she was limp I rushed her inside and I called Sal and she just looked at us! We were both in a panic and we rushed her the emergency vet and the first thing they told us was they wanted to look at her gums in her mouth and they were white! She had been stung by a bee!! She was have a severe reaction to the bee sting! We had to leave her the whole day as they treated her and she had made a full recovery. I felt so bad and I have moved any pots with flowers that the bees like to the front or I put them up high. I am so happy she is ok and I think and hope she learned her lesson. The vet told up they get at least 1 dog with a bee sting everyday. I took Lola  to her regular vet the next day just so they could see what they did at the vet ER and that she was fine. I love my Lola but it was a big scare to us!

 This year I have been getting a lot of visits from humming birds and I have 4 feeders that I have to fill up 2 to 3 times because of all the humming birds who are here regularly. I  can not believe summer is half way over and I am enjoying the evening walks and my Lola loves her walks too. I hope everyone is enjoying their summer and until next time. Thanks so much for visiting and I apologize for not posting as I much I have in the past.

Thanks again!

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Monday, July 8, 2013

{ New flower & First walk with Lola }

 Today was the first time my neighbor took her puppy for her first walk on a leash. her name is Lucy and she has been Lola`s play mate. So we took the together so Lucy will learn from Lola and Lucy did not want to walk with her new harness and when we started to walk and Lola went first, then Lucy started to follow Lola. In no time Lucy got the hang of it and they were walking side by side! Lucy was really excited to be out walking and they had the best time ever! So we are going to continue to walk them together with all of our dogs until she is comfortable to be on her own. We did 1 mile for their first walk and can not wait until tomorrow.

 Yesterday I went to get some supplies for my garden and I was not going to really buy any flowers but when I saw this huge flower I had to have one. Its a hibiscus and its burgundy and the flowers are at least 8 to 9 inches! I also bought a few flowers ...LOL I am going to re pot it in a lager pot in the next day or 2. I am also going to be busy re-doing one of my flowerbeds and planting my chili plants in the ground because they are getting way to big for the pots I had started them in. I will post more photos later and I will be working on a project for my cousins new baby in the next week or 2. Here is a couple of photos of my new flower.

I hope everyone has a great week and thanks so much for visiting!
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Thursday, July 4, 2013

{ Happy 4th }

Wishing you all a Happy and safe 4th of July!

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

{ New project }

 It`s me, Its has been a while since I have crafted any kind of project. I had some time yesterday morning to make this printers tray for a gift.  This is what I came up with. I used my Disney stash to create this because my neighbors are huge Disney fans! It`s simple and they can add photos to it. I know it will be a huge it with them since they both work at the happiest place on earth! I hope everyone will enjoy their summer because its starting to get hot out here in Cali!

 I want to thank everyone who still takes the time to stop by and visit and send a comment or an e-mail I really appreciate it and thanks again for the visit!
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{ Happy Day ! }

 Happy Wednesday Everyone my sunflowers are smiling! I just wanted to share a photo today and I hope everyone has a great day today!

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Thursday, June 6, 2013

{ Its been a while }

 Its me and I'm still here, and sorry I have not blogged for some time. I have been busy here at home I the yard and helping out my neighbor with their pets. They both travel a lot for work and lately its been at the same time. So instead of the having to board their 4 dogs I have been pup sitting and baby sitting their new puppy Lucy while they are both gone.

 So I have been going back and fourth to their house to feed and take the dogs out and spend time with them. I love taking care of their dogs, they have 4 Maltese  dogs and one of dogs is just 5 months old. She is my Lola`s play mate and now best friend! LOL.. They love to play together for hours daily and we had her just last week over for the weekend because my neighbors were out of town. Lola had the best weekend ever with Lucy and they slept together and Lola shared her bones and toys with her! even though Lola is a lot bigger than Lucy she is very gentle with her and run and chase each other all over the place. I have a photo to share of the 2 of them resting after playing in the garden.

 I have  been busy working in the yard and planting and weeding and fertilizing my garden in between taking care of the dogs and Lola has been spending a lot of time with me in the garden and is now just relaxing a watches me while I work in the yard. She finally is staying out of the flowers and stopped digging holes in the yard! LOL...  We all just love spending time in the back yard sitting in the patio relaxing on the weekends. We have tons of birds I feed and lots of beautiful butterfly's and I feed humming birds who come in the yard regularly to feed from the humming bird feeders I have. I will share photos with you soon as I can.

 I haven't crafted much lately but I do have some invitation and some gifts to create soon and hope to share them with you. I want to thank all of you who still visit my blog and for all the kind e-mail I receive and sorry  again for not posting  regularly like I have. I appreciate all you e-mails and comments and I hope you still stop in or just leave me a comment to say Hi. 

Thanks for visiting!
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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

{ Happy Memorial Day }

Wishing you all a wonderful Day !

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Saturday, April 27, 2013

{ Im still here! }

 It has been a while since my last post. I'm still here but I have been crazy busy here at home and working in the garden. I have also been a little under the weather but I'm doing much better now. I have had really bad allergies this past few months. I've had to go see my Dr. twice and she thought I had a possible pneumonia, but I was cleared and she thinks I might be developing asthma. My Dr. also told me my chest x-ray showed my heart is a little enlarged but it could be because of all the coughing and the sinus infection setting into my chest this last time. 
 So I am feeling great because I am back to walking 2 miles a day and I have been on a 1500 calorie diet with Sal and my brother and I have lost 12 pounds! we all have been losing weight and I have so much more energy! I am going to see my Dr. and see what she wants to do next.
 We are also walking 3 of my dogs everyday one of which is Lola who really loves it! My neighbor Trish walks with us with one of her dog name "Buddy". We have so much fun as one big pack(LOL). 
Me & Trish and the pack!

I just love this weather because all of my flowers are blooming plus I just planted my sunflowers, sweet peas and I did 3 baskets of morning glories! I plan on working in my yard tomorrow and I just got more shelving for my potting shed to get it all organized.
My grandma had brought some of her flowers from her house when she had moved in with us. I have several of her flowers & plants still in my garden. I feel that since her flowers are still blooming a part of her still is here. This year her amaryllis flowers are blooming so beautifully!


 I did do a little crafting 2 weeks ago. I created my cousins daughter sweet 16 invites, water bottle label's, cupcake toppers, thank you tags and last but not least goodie bags. The theme was Snow white! I will post photos soon as I can. I will do my best to post more when I have a chance. I am sorry for not blogging as I had been really busy, its just been 1 thing or another. I really appreciate all of my followers and all of your wonderful e-mails and comments I received! I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday, until next time.
Thanks for visiting!

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Saturday, April 6, 2013

{ Its been awhile }

 I know it has been a few weeks since my last posting. I have been working in my yard spring is a busy time and doing work here around the house and My Mom has kept me busy as well. We have had company from out of town and a few birthday party's and Easter just passed. I have Cards to make and our yearly Easter baskets for all the kids! Six this year and they loved the because we hide money in the eggs instead of tons of candy. But they still got sweets...lol 

 Lola has been doing wonderful and into everything...lol I have been helping out my neighbor while they are out of town on business taking care of the house and their plants and dogs too. I have been fighting with my allergies this year and its been a bad year for me, but I am doing better and working in the yard doesn't help! 

 I have some photos to share with you I know I have not been crafting much but I have a card to share with you and photos of my flower.I think the rainy season is over now so we will be spending more time in the yard. We just had our first BBQ of the year yesterday, with our cousin and his family. It was nice to spend time in the patio and it was a perfect day. 
I hope all is well with you and your families and summer is just around the corner. Hope you have a great weekend!

B-Day Card

Flowering Tree

Sweet Peas

Sunflowers and Morning Glory vines

Thanks so much for visiting until next time!

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