Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hot Hot Hot !

  All I can say its has been really HOT here in southern Cali ! I love the summer but I hate it when its over 90 degrees then Its uncomfortable. It looks like we are in for anther hot week ahead but, I do enjoy the warm summer night especially when we go to Disneyland in the evenings!  I am indoors with the AC on most of the day.And I love to do a little scrapping in my air conditioned studio ! The long Labor day weekend is coming up I love to BBQ and spend time with my family and I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Keep cool !

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New stamps

  I just wanted to share with you my new self inking stamps I  purchased last night when we went to Staples. They came out really nice and they did them for me in 10 min! All done on the computer that was hooked up to a brothers machine the makes the stamp  words. I had been wanting to get them for a while now but never got around to until last night. I needed them because all the orders I have been filling and gifts. I think I might have to get another stamp next time I go.

Enjoy you week everyone!
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Home made Salsa

  Yesterday made some more red Chile salsa for dinner.  It was so hot to be roasting the chilies on the stove but that is the only way to make the chilies and tomatios . It was so Delicious and I made allot for the rest of the week.

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Old School Candy buttons

  Do you remember when we were kids and the colored dots of sugar candy that was on the long sheets of white paper? Candy buttons! I loved to get them and I would try to save them for a later time but, I never happened. They were gone before you knew it. lol.. I wanted to share with you when I was at the Costco World Market plus I found candy dot but they are HUGE they are MEGA button candies just like the ones we had when we were kids except much bigger. I had to buy some for my friends kids and for Sal's God Daughters too. It sure brought back memories.

Have a great week everyone !
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Thursday, August 18, 2011

My new mini key board and mouse

  I just got my new key board and mouse last night.It is really cool because it saves space and I can just put it a drawer when I need more space to scrapbook. Its made by Microsoft and its call the ARC the key board and mouse are sold separately and the mouse works on all kinds of surfaces. So far I love it.I recommend one if need to save space.

 Have a great Friday !

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Birthday Invites

  Here are the invitations I had been working on for my friends sisters sons birthday. And guess what he wanted , Power Rangers. The funny thing is they discontinued them! I went all over the place looking for at least stickers and no one had any. the big party's stores said they have not carried Power Ranger stuff for a long time.I went to LA down town and nothing. So we had to create them our self's and we added a couple of pictures of the boy in with the Power Rangers if you look close you will see him.They still come on TV so I don't under stand why the are not around. I guess they are just old school now but yet the kids still want them. I sent pictures to his Mom and they loved them!


Back side

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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Shop hop day with my friends

 I had a free day and my friends said if I wanted to come along and do a shop hop with them we had so much fun. I met some really nice people and did a little shopping well a lot a I had so much fun with the girls and we just laughed and enjoyed each others company and can not wait until we go and do it again. Here are a few pictures the girls took of us.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My little cousins b-day card

Here is a Birthday card I did from my cousins daughter. She is going to be 10 years old and she is having her first Tea Party with her little friends this weekend. She is so excited and I thought I would make her a girly tea party card. I hope she likes it. She has the sweetest personality and just a really girly girl so I know she will have a blast at her Tea.

Have a great day everyone!

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Monday, August 8, 2011

My Aunts doll

 I found this photo of my aunt when she was around 4 years old and she was showing off her new doll she had just received. The cool part of the photo is when I saw the square TV my Grandparents had at the time it was in 1954. It is where my grandparents always had the TV.  My Aunt now lives there now and she has her TV in the same place today. I used bits n pieces of older Prima Flowers and the Girls paperie papers and embellishments.Random ribbons and a little 7 Gypsies. I love going through my Grandmas old photos of our family and just being able to see our family memories. I have a lot more to go through.

Enjoy your week!
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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bobs Big Boy Broiler

 It was a blast last night at Bobs Big Boy drive in! It was packed with cars from different car clubs around the city. We just happen to go a a Wednesday which is car club night so all the parking spaces for the car hop service were taken. We went inside to have dinner in the coolest diner with a real Juke box playing real 45 records of oldies! It was like walking back in time with all the old pictures on the wall and the feel of the 50s and 60s when u walked in. My Mom said, it was like the old days when she went to a car hop when she was dating my Dad and it brought back lots of memories like the place she went to on Soto street in East L A and it was called Carl's drive in diner. The girls that were working the car hop service were wearing roller skates it was so cool. I took a few pictures they came out OK but we are going back to take more because it was really crowded. Here is a peek from last night.

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Bob big boy broiler drive in !

Look at where we are going tonight ! Bob`s Big Boy Broiler in Downey  I just happened to be driving on Firestone Blvd in Downy the other day with my Mom and as we got closer to the restaurant we could not believe our eyes. They had redone the old Johnny's Broiler. It was a car lot last time we seen it. I had not been in the area since last year and that when it must have opened. The cool thing is it still has the drive in with CAR Hop Service from 4 to 9 pm! My Mom remembers back in the days when they used to go cruising there to hang out and look at all the car clubs it was a hot spot in the 50`s and 60`s.  They used to go there also after the driven movies. We are going to try the Car Hop Service to see what it was like back then. I am hoping my Mom will got with us. I am so excited to go and I hope to take lots of picture to share with you. I cant wait to step back in time even though its 2011. 

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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sunday at the Park

 This past Sunday we took Sal's nieces to Disneyland to go on the new Aerial ride. It turned out everyone went also and it was so much fun. First we had brunch at Goofys Kitchen and it was Delicious! The Little Mermaid ride was really awesome, they did an amazing job.It was so hot an humid that day but it did not stop us but I did hurt my knee that day but I kept going for the kids. Then the kids had never been on Grizzly rapids so they went and it was a perfect day to get WET! I did not want to get wet and I watched the 2 youngest while they went on. As you can see they got SOAKED! Ha ha ha... I told them, it was a long day but we had the best time ever and I wish I had taken more pictures ,but it was so hot all we went was cold water.  We sure made Disneyland rich with ALL the waters we purchased!! We are planning another trip soon.  The best part of the day was we were all together as a family spending time and making memories that will last the kids a life time!

Have a great week everyone !
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