Tuesday, August 28, 2012

{ New Bloom }

 Here is a photo of a double bloom from one of my larger orchids I recently purchased.  When I went out side in the patio this morning I was like wow this must have opened up last night. It is really a beautiful  color, they are fuchsia/Burgundy color with a creamy yellow center. I know their bloom's are coming to an end soon but the cymbidium orchids will be in season soon! I can not wait to get more new plants soon as they become available in the nurseries soon.

Enjoy the rest of your week and thanks again for visiting!
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Monday, August 27, 2012

{ Busy weekend in the Yard }

 It was a beautiful weekend and I had a busy Sunday in the yard.  My dogs Amy and Lucy love to be in the yard and they like the new patio and we got them a new bed so they can sit in the sun in the new patio. I tried to take a couple of picture while they were sitting. I went to visit my great Aunt on Saturday and she is a huge gardener so she gave me a lot of clipping for me to re pot here at home to add to my garden. So I woke up early yesterday and was in the yard by 7 AM! I re potted the orchids she gave me an started a few other plants as well. I finished my bird bath and added some water plants to it and the fountain in the patio are. I also re potted couple of new orchids into hanging pots . Here are a few pictures to share and I still have more to do in the yard.  I also planted sunflowers for my Mom in small starter pots to get them going before I plant them in their spots in the yard.

Amy & Lucy enjoying  the sun in their new bed!

Bird Bath


Orchid Clippings

Large new orchid hanging

Smaller in wooden basket

It looks like it going to heat up here again, but I love to sit in the patio in the evening and just relax listing to the fountain and watch a little TV with my family! I have more to do this week and I'm off to do more shopping for flowers!
Have a great week everyone and thanks again for visiting!

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

{ Surprise in the mail }

 Look what came in the mail yesterday for me. I received my goodies from the contest I had entered a while back from my friends Jessica's blog Jessicas craft shaque I had come in 3rd and won a prize from her. I had the 3rd highest votes! I was so excited and I was a last minute entry and I won! I was so surprised when I had received a message from one of my blogger friends that I had won. I cant wait to get crafty with my new goodies. I need to get some crafting in soon but the yard is keeping me busy I just want to get it all finished before my Mom has her surgery.

 Yesterday I did more gardening in the afternoon. We had gone to pick up the bird bath my Mom wanted to add to the yard, so me and my brother went and we also picked up 7 bags of pebbles for the yard. I added them pepples to the fountain area and where the orchids are to help with the drainage and make the landscaping look really nice at the same time. I was a lot of work we had to rake and smooth out the area and the add the new pebbles and put everything back when we a were done. I took about 3 hours and I still have a small area to work on today to clean and add more pebbles. It has been very hot a humid here in Cali but I still have more to do in the yard.This heat has not really stopped me from working in the yard but I do take pleanty of water breaks to cool off a bit.

Enjoy the rest of your week and thanks again for visiting!
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Sunday, August 19, 2012

{ My Friends Giveaway! }

My Good friend Heather is doing a big 250 follower giveaway on her blog! So please stop by and become a follower and a chance to win her giveaway! so please help spread the word about her givaway!

Her Givaway!

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{ Happy Sunday ! }

 What a beautiful Sunday and I just wanted to wish you all a Happy Sunday today. We r just going to relax and have a BBQ at home today soon as it cools off later today. Dinner on the patio with corn on the cob and BBQ pork chops and some veggies! The electrician was coming to work on the other patio but he cant make it until next week. I was hoping to get it all done by today but we will have to wait until next week. I'm so excited and I have more gardening to do and we are going to go pick up my Moms birdbath for the garden during the week. My Mom went shopping early this morning and purchased a new recliner for the living room and we r getting deliverd later on today.

 We went to my great aunts 95th birthday party yesterday and we had so much fun celebrating with her. There was so much food and boy can my family cook!I also made to quick birthday cards for both my aunts and I just wanted to share a picture of them with you. They loved them and I was so happy to see my family all in one place for a happy celebration other than the time we all get together when there is a death in the family. It looks like I'm in for another busy week and it looks to b a much cooler week for us here in Cali!

Have a wonderful Sunday and thanks again for visiting!
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Saturday, August 18, 2012

{ Blog Hop for September }

 Here is my friend Heather`s September (Have Owlsome Fall Y` all)  Blog Hop that I am participating in. This is my second hop she has asked me to join in. We had so much fun in the last hop she had I am so excited to be part of this hop as well! Its going to be a 2 day hop and looks like we are going to have more talented crafters for this hop. It will be September 22nd &23rd so save the date and they will be more givaways and lots of inspiration along the way! So keep checking back for any new updates!!Hope you can join in the fun with us!

Have a wonderful Sunday and thanks for visiting!
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Friday, August 17, 2012

{ surprise I recieved }

 Look what Sal brought me when he came home last night from work! A new hard case with a blue tooth key board for my IPad!! It is way cool and it just like having a mini laptop and the keyboard has a really long battery life. I really like that I can take it everywhere I go. He bought himself one too.

 Here is a photo of the hanging yellow orchid I made today. I had purchased the wooden basket at the nursery the other day and I wanted to see if I could pot one myself. The orchids don't need soil to grow so this was really a cool way to display them. I am going to go to a different nursery next week to see if I can find more orchid pots. I am still potting more plants for the yard and this weekend we should have the lights and ceiling fan for the other patio finally done! I cant hardly wait.
I am also working on 2 birthday cards for my great Aunts birthday party tomorrow and it will be nice to see all of my Moms family in one place.There are only 5 out of 12 brothers and sisters left from my Grandmas side. It looks like its going to be another hot day tomorrow!!

Enjoy your weekend and thanks again for visiting!

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Sunday, August 12, 2012

{ New Orchids }

 Here is what I purchased yesterday at the Flower Market in downtown. It was so hard to choose but I have to go back for more. We got 13 new orchids and I wanted more but I needed to get home to re pot them. Here is what they look like next to the fountain and on the patio table I placed them around some candles  in the center of the table. I still have more to do I hope to get most of it done in the next week or so. They electrician needs to come to install the ceiling fan and lights in the other patio. I cant wait until its all done.

Enjoy your Sunday and thanks again for visiting!
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Saturday, August 11, 2012

{ Peek of what I am working On }

 Here is a peek of what I have been working on in my backyard/patio the last few weeks. This is what the fountain area looks like at night. We still have more to do until its all complete. I started to get back into gardening and I have really started to redo the yard and I cleaned out my potting shed which we were using for mostly storage. I had not been in there potting for a long long time so you can imagine how quick it filled up.I am working on adding flowers to the second patio area we added for a sitting and relaxing area. This photo is a corner of the main patio I just redid and added a fountain and I am working on the area next to this and I am going to the flower market in downtown early this morning to get some new orchids to add to the rest I already have.

 I know I have not been crafting much the last few weeks but this is the mess on my work space.
It been busy here and I am trying to get a little scrapping in . I am making a couple of cards for a birthday and a sympathy card for my neighbor who just lost her father.  I am trying to do a quick memory frame for my Mom of my Uncle who past away a few years back. It kinda hard with so much going on here but it keeps me really busy!
The weather here has been super hot this past week but it has not stopped me from all the running around to the garden centers and from working in the yard. Looks like we might have cooler weather but we will have to see.

Have a wonderful weekend and thanks again for visiting!
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Monday, August 6, 2012

{ Flowers & Work in Progress }

 I just wanted to give you a peek of the work going on in my back yard and today. Our shade patio that is being put up today and I feel for they guys who are doing the work in this heat! I am so excited to have this second patio to relax and BBQ. Yesterday we bought a patio dinning set and some more xtra chairs for seating.It was hard to put them together ourselves but we did it. Sal and my brother did most of the work and I put up some xtra patio lighting. I will share photos later when its all done and we are putting cable and a flat screen TV in the main patio so we can eat and watch cable on these warm nights.

 Here are a few photos to share of some of the blooms we are getting from the flowers I have been potting for my Mom. She loves her flowers and I enjoy doing a little gardening. It is going to be in the upper 90`s all week and I think I will be indoors with the AC on during the day and hopefully gets some crafting done.

Have a great week everyone and thanks again for visiting!
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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

{ In My Potting Shed }

 Today we went to buy a few more flowers to pot and add to the garden since we have been redoing the back yard. So today I was in my potting shed I have on the side of my house witch I had made a few years back. I had not been in there for a long time because it was being used mostly for storage but I have cleared it out some what. I also moved my birds in there as well. I have a flight cage with 3 cockatiels  I have had for more than 15 years! They love it! So I have been re potting some flowers
and it was a nice day to be in there. I missed being in there like I used too!
 Amy and Lucy where out in the back with me while I was potting and they both love to run around and sit in the sun on the new patio area since the roof is not up yet. I used to garden way way back and it was a really expensive hobby but now my scrapbooking cost me even more...  lol

 I have more flower shopping to do later on this week and its the perfect weather for it!

Potting Table


Lucy and Amy
Once again thanks for visiting and have a wonderful Thursday!
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