Sunday, December 18, 2011

My Give away

Here's what I am going to be giving to one lucky winner from one of my favorite scrapbook companies which is 7Gypsies.

The goodies will include:

A collection of 7 Gypsies papers
3 7gypsies albums
3 acrylic mini albums
Sibbons & lace
2 Mini French Laundry Hangers
Metal knobs and hinges
Rock candy crackle paint
Rock candy stickles
Glossy accents
11x14 flat panel canvas
Clear stamp set
Zva's 26pc alphabet bling
and some extra embellishments to create whatever u want.

I want to share all these goodies with you so that we can start the new year with my first giveaway. All you have to do is join and follow my blog and leave me a comment and tell me one of your favorite childhood Christmas memory and I will be doing a drawing and announce a winner on the 2nd of January.

Good luck everyone!

Thanks for visiting!

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Katie J. said...

Awesome Joe! I love 7 Gypsies, too. I can't resist buying something from them when I visit Archivers!

My favorite childhood Christmas memory...hmm, I think I might think of another one if I thought about it for a few days, but right now it's my Christmas as a 10-year old in 1996. I had really gotten into music and my parents got me an awesome stereo. I was SO excited! Later in the morning my mom was doing something at the kitchen sink and I walked up to see. She asked me if I got everything I wanted and I said, "Yeah!...well there's one thing but it's ok." She smiled and told me to go open the stereo box and inside was my favorite band's first CD - Ace of Base's "The Sign." I was SO excited! More so about the CD than the stereo I think! It was cool getting "tricked" like that :)

Thanks for hosting the giveaway, it's very generous of you!

pdrnc said...

Wow! That's quite a giveaway. I was at a party last night and I was saying that I have wonderful Christmas memories with my brother and sister. We used to wake up and sneak into the living room early in the morning without putting any lights on, grab a gift and run into our bedroom, close the door, and put the the light on to see who the gift was for. Then, we'd go back and grab another gift. We thought we were being so quiet but my parents were laying in bed laughing at us. I'm hoping to create some wonderful memories now for my boys. Have a wonderful Christmas!

Dawn Cox said...

new follower here!!! one of my favorite christmas memories is pretty simple... it's just family time. coming from a poor family we cherished family time sledding on the farm more than any gifts we may have gotten! we just loved getting together with our cousins for a good ole wintery fun scene! we would have the little ones bundled up in about 5 too big sweatshirts and sled down the steep hills on my uncle's farm. when they got to cold, we sent them in for hot cocoa and we older kids would build snow forts and have big snow ball wars. not just fights, they were all out wars! it was so much fun! i wish i could do it with my kids, but it doesn't snow where we live.

TwoSmilesToday said...

HI Joe! Happy Holidays! I love your site, so fun. You could call me a rookie scrapbooker so having another site to visit for inspiration is great! Thanks for inviting us.

Christmas is has always been a magical time for me. My parents started so many wonderful family traditions that I still carry on 41 years later.

My favorite memory continues to be my favorite memory every year. My parents gave me a new dated ornament every year. Every year at Christmas time we would lay out all the dated ornaments in order and put them on, one by one, we would talk about them and my mom would re-tell her reasoning behind giving me each (ie. we went to snoopy on ice so I got a snoopy ornament). When I was 18 I moved out. My mom gave me all 18 of my ornaments for my own tree. This was one of the hardest things she had to do. She didn't want to give them up but she wanted me to have them. She continued to give me a new dated ornament each year, but they tended to be more related to her interests. Teddy bears and craft faire craft ornaments in the 90's, and a decade of snowmen 2000-2009.

When my twins were born in 2004 I started the tradition for them. Instead, however, I buy them 2 of the same ornament. So when they move out someday I still have their sets of ornamnets and they have theirs to take. I carry on the same tradition today with my own kids. Decorating the tree came be a long event. I re-tell them the stories of my ornaments and share with them my reasoning behind giving them theirs.

2009 was the last year I got an ornament from my mom, she passed away in 2/2010. I carry on her tradtion, however, by buying myself an angel ornament as my ornament from her in her memory.

In short, for the last 41 years, decorating the Christmas tree is my favorite and fondest Christmas memory.

Thank you for posing this subject as part of your giveaway.

Renee said...

This is awesome Joe! Thanks for a chance at some wonderful candy!

My favorite story is when the whole entire family would get together (about 50 of us) on Christmas Eve and we'd get to see aunts and uncles and cousins we hadn't seen all year. One of the things my uncle would do is pretend that Santa had knocked on the door and all us kids had to go hide. He had us terrified tho telling us that if Santa saw us he'd hit over the head with a big bone! Haha my uncle was old and liked to play tricks on us kids! Anyway we'd come out from hiding to see Santa had been there and let hundreds and hundreds of presents ! It was the most amazing thing I'd ever many presents you could hardly walk in the room! It was fabulous!

TinyCrafter said...

What an awesome giveaway. I have been following your blog for about a week and love it! My favorite childhood memory is when is was a 11 I think my mom liked to hide one of my sister and I's gifts and she hid my very first camera in my coat pocket! That year I started scrapbooking! And haven't stopped yet lol. Thank you for the chance to win.

Barbara said...

What a great give away joe well lets see the one that sticks with me is when i was little i remember me and my brothers getting up christmas morning and peaking under the tree well silly us we knocked some glass bulbs off and they broke my oldest brother told me and my other brother to get the broom.Well he swept all the broken pieces under the tree skirt then we ran into my parents room and woke them so we could open the gifts.We never told my parents and now that two of my 3 brothers passed and its just me and my brother i cherish that memory so much more. Hope you have a great holiday and i hope santa brings you lots of goodies hugs

Denay said...

Fantastic giveaway Joe! I'm a new follower and I've book-marked your blog!

My favorite childhood Christmas memory was going to my grandparents on Christmas Eve. Everyone would bring food and we'd listen to Sinatra, Bennett, Davis Jr., etc sing those wonderful old Christmas carols as we ate. Then we got to open presents! But looking back the best part was being with family and knowing I was loved.

kate blue said...

Dude...this is wayyyy generous! Let's see...fav "childhood" memory: the year that me and my sisters got the Barbie townhouse, and pool, and jeep and of course, my mother is a seamstress so OUR Barbies all had fab clothes like wedding dresses and dashikis and board shorts!!lol...our friends always wanted to trade :0 Am off to share the giveaway :)

Larisa said...

Awesome Joe!
I liked to decorate the Christmas tree with balls and another toys, that was great to smell that!))

Francine said...

Hi Joe - what a great giveaway - thanks for the opportunity to win!
My favourite childhood Christmas memory is all the family sitting around the Christmas tree watching each other open presents. One of us kids was allowed to sit by the fire and throw the paper in to it. All the inks burning made beautiful colours in the flames. We always got a tangerine in the toe of our stockings and we threw the peels in the fire too. The smell was great!

Lisa said...

I just found your blog and love it!! You have a new follower!

My favorite childhood Christmas memory is the year my oldest sister got married. I had just turned 9 and even though we weren't real close because of the age difference, I missed her a lot. Unknown to me she had bought a pattern for the large Raggedy Ann dolls and made it for me as a gift! I was so excited that she had taken time from her new married life to make me such a special gift. Raggedy Ann has seen me through a lot in my life marriage, children, and breast cancer. Hugging her was always like hugging my big sister.

Bonnie said...

My best memory is going to my Grandmother's house for Christmas eve and having a large Ukrainian dinner. She has long since passed on, but it was a treasure of Christmas past. Thanks for the delicious offering, and for conjuring up these great memories...

Belinda said...

Hi Joe, I just started following your blog. That is one amazing prize, thanks for the chance to win it!

Let's see, my favorite childhood Christmas memory would have to be when I was finally old enough (7 yrs old) to really help my Nana (grandma) with decorating her house. I got to bring boxes up from the basement, carefully unwrap everything and help her set up the inside of the house. Nobody else in my family really enjoyed doing this but for me it was the best time of the year because we transformed a rather formal house (aka the museum) into a Christmas wonderland that I got to live in!!! My Tata did an AMAZING job decorating the outside of the house too, I really couldn't help him very much but I just liked sitting out there and watching all those decorations go up (think Griswald Christmas Vacation style):D

Have a Merry Christmas!!!!

Chevonne Pannullo said...
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Chevonne Pannullo said...

My favorite Christmas memory from my childhood - when I was little, we lived in an apartment in Queens, NY. My Nana would stay over on Christmas Eve, and help my parents with all the Christmas prep. Finishing wrapping, getting the gifts all under the tree. Well, one year, we were in bed, and I kept hearing a strange noise. I kept getting out of bed, and trying to sneak into the livingroom to see what it was. Nana kept intercepting my attempts. She would wrap her arms around me, and carry me back to bed. Well, I was persistant! Eventually, she picked me up, and put me in bed, then layed down next to me, and told me stories until I fell asleep. I remember laying there and her pointing to the stars in the sky, that we could see through the window.

It's funny with childhood memories - some are faint, and others are so vivid. This is one of those vivid memories, that I'm so happy to have.

Thank you for your generous giveaway! Your blog is great, and your scraproom - wow! Totally amazing!
Happy Holidays!!

Lainie said...

Hey there Joe, Wow, what a giveaway and a very generous one!

A favourite Christmas memory is when a couple of months before Christmas day my Mum would purchase Christmas fruit mince pies from the bakery across the road from where she worked. She would buy some each pay day and keep them in shoe boxes in the freezer. These pies were absolutely delicious so much so my 3 siblings and I didn't mind eating them frozen after school before Mum got home from work. And then my parents bought a microwave when they were much bigger than they are now and of course the pies disappeared faster until there were none left.Yikes!! We had to pool our pocket money quick smart and start filling up the first shoebox again!!! My mother never had a clue until maybe 30+ yrs later when I told her! I still laugh about it.

itztoeknee said...

All Christmas have found memories and one that i like is from around 1999, Lauren was 15 y.o. and she had started showing/expressing interest in learning to play the guitar. She had been bringing home a loaner and it seemed pretty soon that her understanding of chords and chord progression was really picking up speed. We could actually pick out songs coming from her bedroom.

So that year's present would be a no brainer for mom and dad - yea!

We found a beautiful black accoustic guitar and went to the 99cent store to get wrapping, when i spied a pink toy guitar too.

Christmas morning our daughters were opening gifts and when they thought all was done and starting cleaning more gift was hinded under the tree.

Lauren opens it - we are expecting howls of laughter, but we get this big wide smile and the silent laugh and body quiver that is only Lauren. She hugs us and say thanks for "getting her".

We go next door to the grandparents house and find that Santa had been there too.

Santa went to the wrong door we guessed.

She opened her present and jumped up and down, here eyes as big as the moon.

That black guitar has since been loaned to younger cousins, but that pink guitar is still with her in Turkey.

Cassie said...

I followed a link to see your studio and had to then check out your art. Thanks for the giveaway - what a sweet way to start the year. My favorite Christmas memory as a child is the year I got a tea set for Christmas. My mom made it in a ceramics class. I remember being sick in the fall staying home from school. I got to go with my mom to her class and she was working on a tea set. I hoped it was mine but was sad when she explained that it was for the lady at the table next to her; she needed to get it done and my mom was helping her. I was so surprised on Christmas morning to find one under the tree with me - along with a sweet baby doll my mom also painted and put together for me at ceramics.

Cindi Dudley said...

I do like your blog. Love the wallpaper. I don't have a particular memory to share, but I do remember how we opened presents on
Christmas Eve and on Christmas morning Santa had left gifts for us, unwrapped so we would get up super early and dive right in. We have continued to follow this tradition. I have 3 sons and Santa no longer comes but they open their presents from me on Christmas morning instead.
Cindi D

Natalie said...

Joe, I am now a follower of your blog. My favorite Christmas memory. Okay here goes. Every year in early October, my father would take me and my 2 brothers to the toy store. He would let us pick out all the toys we wanted. We would leave the store with no toys. On Christmas day, all the toys we picked out would be under the tree. It took me till I was about 10 or 11yrs old to figure out what was going on. My father put the toys on layaway until Christmas.

Darlene S. said...

Favorite Christmas memory huh? That's actually a tough one because every Christmas I can spend with my loved ones is really a blessing. I can't remember one Christmas where it wasn't so special to wake up and open gifts with the family. Last year especially I remember shrieking out loud when my husband bought me the Twilight novel gift set. LOL. Who says Twilight is just for teens anyway? :))

PS. How nice is it to see a male in the scrapbooking world-- and with such good taste! :)) I am your newest follower. Great giveaway!! Thanks for the chance!

anna christensen crafts said...

Hi Joe, I found your gorgeous site today and stayed so long into the night happily reading! I also took the opportunity to join you as a follower and I will put you in the sidebar of my blog too. Your amazing blog candy is incredible - in fact, way more goodies than I get my arty little paws on in a whole year!!

One of my favourite childhood Christmas memories relates to my much missed nan...ever since I can remember I had watched my nan sitting up in her bed and knitting, I used to spend hours (or so it seemed to me!) holding out my hands so patiently whilst she wound wool into balls. One Christmas, when I was still quite little, I got a whole set of knitting needles, all wrapped up in a case..I was in heaven!! Thank you Joe, I had quite forgotten this until today. Oddly enough, yesterday I posted on my blog (which was 4 weeks old) pictures of a cute animal hat that I made as a Christmas present for my beloved how happy would that have made my nan to see me still knitting after all these years?

Happy Christmas to you and thank you for the opportunity to try and win such an amazing collection of goodies. PS:- your craft room is absolutely fascinating by the way, a beautiful place for a creative journey :) Anna xx

Theresa said...

Hi Joe! Awesome give away! I remember distinctly receiving "Karen and Her Magic Carriage" when I was probably 3-4 years old.

Thanks for the chance!


Diana Joy said...

Nice give-away Joe. My favorite childhood Christmas memory is the year I learned to sew at the age of 12. My sister had a Chatty Cathy doll and I wanted to make clothes for it. My neighbor loaned me her little Singer sewing machine and I locked myself in my mom's bedroom for days and had so so much fun sewing the cute clothes. My sister kept banging on the door through out that time wanting in but we kept telling her it was a private project.. not that she understood that at 5.. anyhow she so enjoyed the clothes and they lasted years. I was very proud of them.

pboszko said...

just luv 7gypsies and your blog!

My cousin would do Christmas cookies every year, but i'm talking cookies that were weighed out into 1, 3 & 4# boxes..(Mr. Goodman's chauffeur (from Bergdorf Goodman) would pick up the boxes and deliver) One year I was in charge of chopping nuts...this was pre cuisinart and all the great machines we have today...We used a meat grinder and it was my job to grind the nuts...egyptian nut cookies...yum! I guess I had done so many pounds of nuts, that I dreamed that night that I had my arms chopped off! Needless to say, my aunt treated me very well that Christmas!

Michelle said...

I'm following you! I just found your blog...omagosh! Love!

My favorite childhood Christmas memory is the Christmas Eve night my mom drove me and my sis to look at Christmas lights around the neighborhood. While we were gone, Santa made rounds early that night and when we returned home we found a Barbie Dream House under the tree. Oh my goodness! I think we stayed up all night playing!

Thanks for hosting a wonderful giveaway! Can't wait to see what treats you'll create in 2012!


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