Sunday, January 15, 2012

AJ`s First Birthday

 Here are a few photos of A J`s 1st birthday we went to on Saturday. We all had a good time watching AJ eat his first cupcake and the food was delicious. AJ`s daddy BBQ d and wow there was so much to eat and the cake was from Porto`s and it was a fruit tart and was so amazing! The kids all had cupcakes and so did I…lol. All of AJ`s cousins were there aunts and uncles and great Grandmas was there too. We love spending time with the kids. And we have 2 more Birthdays next month!

Nino and the Birthday boy.

Have a great week and thanks again for the visit!
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kate blue said...


kate blue said...

ps-how are you working on Valentines stuff already??!!!! I still have Christmas stuff up!

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