Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My work area/ Amy update

 OK I just have a minute to do a quick post while Amy is asleep. Because she had her surgery yesterday and I have to take care of Amy. I first want to thank everyone for the posts and e-mails regarding Amy. Her surgery went great! They were only able to do one side because her left anal gland was REALLY bad. The right side looked fine so they just flushed it out and injected it with antibiotics for now. She is swollen and has stitches and I am watching the drainage so she doesn't hurt herself or get it infected. So soon as she recovers in a month or so if her right side has no infection she might not have to have surgery, but if it is infected they will have to do the other side.
Here is a picture of her and she is resting well and that all that matters and that she is in no discomfort.

  Here is what my work area looks like.I have projects to work on and another birthday card to make but for now this is how it will stay until Amy able to get around without help cause they don't want her stitches to open up if she jumps or runs around. I hope to get back to my crafting soon, but my Amy comes first.

Thanks again for visiting!

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Lavinia said...

Hiya Joe! Sorry to hear Amy has been unwell & has had to endure a surgical procedure :( sure she will make a speedy recovery with you by her side! I know what you mean, our pets are our fur baby's and we love & fret over them like any parent would a child! My Mr Binxz is indeed part of the family and rightly so! I will keep Amy in my prayers & send her some love & healing thoughts. Your desk is looking busy, you make lovely things :) Have a good week!

May said...

So glad Joe that Amy is home and appears to be doing well, she will recover fine with the care and love she gets from you, I will be keeping her in my prayers and thoughts for a speedy recover, Hugs May x x x

Diana Joy said...

Hi's fun to see your work space. Wish I could say mine has projects on it... Glad that cutie dog Amy is doing ok.

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