Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Baskets

 Today I did some last minute shopping for our Easter dinner with my friend Toni. I also made Easter baskets for Sal`s Nieces and nephew for tomorrow. I had fun making them because every year they just love them!  The best part is the egg hunt they do every year at the park. Every year I buy them different baskets for them and fill them with healthy stuff and a little candy and they get a little xtra something too. ( Money). They get so excited and I love to see them run around in their Easter outfits. We love to give them healthy treats but sometimes I cant help it and they get more sweets than the healthy stuff! lol I cant wait until tomorrow when they receive them and this year we are spending a quite time at home with some family and Moms home cooking. I might get a little crafting in but we will see about that. lol

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Heather Lynn said...

Happy Easter, Joe! Hope the kids loved the baskets! :)

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