Friday, April 27, 2012

On My Desk Friday

 Here is what on my desk that I am working on. I have a couple of cards to make this weekend and I hope to get them done by Sunday! I have been busy with a couple of other projects I have started and soon as I have a chance I will share a photo. You guessed it I'm using Tinker Bell again lol !

 Today was the official day we no longer own my Grandparents house any more. The house belongs to the new owners and it was hard for my Mom and I could see the sadness in her today, but like she said the house may not be ours but the memories will always be in our hearts!  We will miss that old house and no we can move on because that's what my Grandparents would want us to do.

  Amy had a little set back yesterday so off to the vet we went AGAIN... but all is looking good and she is doing great today. She is having tummy discomfort again but I did not want to take a chance so I took her and they gave a stronger antacid because her tummy will always be delicate from all the antibiotics she was on and medication. If it persists or get worse we are going to have to run more test to see if it not anything more like an ulcer or pancreatic . So I am hoping for the best so keep your fingers crossed again! She is running around and back to herself and that's a good sign and she has no pain or a temperature at all. Ill keep you up to date and thank you for all your kind words about my Amy!

Have a wonderful Friday and thanks again for visiting!

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Heather Lynn said...

glad Amy is feeling better today! have fun creating those tinkerbell projects, my friend! have a great weekend!

Scrapbook Joe said...

Thank you Heather and the same to you!

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