Monday, May 7, 2012

Busy weekend!

 It was a busy weekend here at home and I had running around to do with Sal. We had some shopping to do and had to take the car in for a minor repair. I finally finished 2 more mothers day projects late last night. I will post photos tomorrow soon as I have a chance. I did some organizing of my clear stamps I had wanted to do for some time. I went to my local office supply store and bought a couple of 3 ring binders and some page protectors to put my stamps in. I found some really cool page protectors that had different size pockets and Martha Stewart had really nice ones that I bought. It was so easy to put them in and I just had to cut them down so they would fit. It was about time I had done this so it makes it so easy to just grab the binder and pick the stamps I want to use. I had the clear stamps in a huge vintage type suit case and I hardly used them because I was too lazy to go get the box and search through them. Its nice to have them at a reach.

 I cant wait until this coming weekend because My new work are table/cabinet will be installed for me.
It was suppose to be ready this week but they were a little busy this past week so I will waiting for the weekend to come.I have a busy week ahead with Mother's day and 2 Birthdays and one of them is Sal`s!! So wish me luck! Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Thanks again for visiting!
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Krafthead said...

Too funny! I was just looking for some inserts to do this! My stamps are getting out out control...I am so doing this!

Susie said...

Great idea!!!

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