Monday, June 11, 2012

WIP Monday

 This is what is on my work area today. I am making Fathers day projects and a few other project too. I am not sure what I am going to make yet ,but I painted a couple of frames so far.

 Its going to be another busy week for me and I have to appt. with my dogs well they are follow ups and the good news they are doing fine! We finally did a test on my Amy to see what was wrong with her tummy and its kinda what the vet was thinking. She has a bad case of acid reflux. That's why she did not ant to eat and had a lot of gas and acid in her tummy. She started on a treatment and the medication seems to be working! FINALLY!! There are several kind of medication we can try if this one doesn't work. I'm so happy for her and I was so worried for a while but know we finally know.

 Tomorrow I am going with my Mom to buy her new car. She has been wanting to so off we go and she wanted me to go with her and my Uncle to see what she should buy. Its really up to her I said. Lets see what we come home with and I will share a photo soon as I can.

Have a great week everyone and thanks again for visiting!

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lovemypaper said...

Very busy week have a wonderful time car shopping.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Sounds like Amy is out of the woods I'm sure your very relieved. Now for car times!!! :)

SandeeNC said...

Glad you are around to help your mom buy a car! Thanks for joining my blog, following your in return! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

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