Sunday, July 22, 2012

{ Mess On My Desk }

 Its been a few days since my last post, Its been busy around here and I just waned to show you the mess I have on my work area. I am working on a few projects at the same time and I'm trying to get a little crafting in when I have the time. I'm getting a little behind but I hope to get caught up soon.The work around the house is coming along and I have been running back and fourth to the hardware store to get what we need. I have also tried to get some craft shopping in when I can. ( LOL )

 I love the summer but it has been hot here the last few days and have had the AC on all the time. It seems its going to be hot next week as well! I am hoping we can make it to the OC Fair in the next week or 2 but wee will see how that goes. I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer and keeping cool at the same time. Sorry for the quick post!

Once again thanks for visiting and enjoy your Sunday!
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Angie said...

At least you are finding time to be creative! I've spent almost all my time outside working on my pond, flower gardens and pulling the weeds that seem to grow faster than anything else. I've got a birthday card and a wedding card in the works though! Stay cool!

Jessica Buffa said...

Hope you stay cool and get those projects completed.
Jesica S

mamawcindy said...

I can't keep my Craftroom Clean! But a Clean Craftroom just means your not being Creative! It's really hot here in Indiana to. I'm So looking forward to Fall! :0)

Heather Lynn said...

Hi Joe! Been missing you lately! I have been super busy and sounds like you have been, too! I think things are slowing down a little. Looking forward to your next creation!

Heather Lynn

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