Sunday, September 30, 2012

{ Late night being crafty }

 Its almost 3 AM  and I'm still up working on the invites for the surprise B-day party! It seems that I get more creative late night and once I start I just keep going and I wanted to give you another peek of what I am working on and a look at the mess on my work space. It looks like I'm going to be busy all day tomorrow and its going to be another heat wave headed our way!  So it will be a perfect day to stay in and craft with the AC on! 

We did go see the new baby last night so I guess that`s why I got a second wind tonight and up late being crafty. I will share a few photos of baby Andrew soon as I down load them. He is only 5 days old and is such a cutie!

 Enjoy your Sunday and thanks again for visiting!
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L.B. said...

ENjoy your crafty time!!

Heather Lynn said...

Lookin cute! Love the peek of pink on your desk! :) Hope you are getting some crafty time in today! I am hoping to tonight!


Angie said...

Lucky you to be able to craft in the wee hours! So many nights I wake up with a million ideas but my studio is directly above our bedroom, don't think the dh would like that too much!

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