Saturday, October 20, 2012

{ Lola vet update }

 Yesterday I took Lola for her 2nd visit to our vet. She had her 2nd series of vaccination and a quick check up to see how she is doing from her last visit 2 weeks ago. She has gained 2 pounds and is growing fast! She was so scared and when she got her shot she cried! Her last visit she did not make a sound when she got her shots. I felt so bad when she cried and she wanted me to pick her up and was terrified! She finally calmed down and did not want me to put her in her carrier so I held her all the way home. She is doing great the vet said and she is so lovable more and more each day and she now knows her name when you call her! Oh and she is learning the word NO, I am enjoying every minute of her and she is just a bundle of energy! We purchased a kennel ( Play Pen) for her and it seems that the other dogs are finally showing signs that they are getting use to Lola and since she is in the living room with us all day they want to play with her. They still don't get to close but its a start and Baby now just walks passed her like nothing. are a couple pictures at the vet. My poor Lola was so scared.

 Here is a photo of my first bloom of 1 of my cymbidium orchid this year so far. Its kinda of a lime green color and my Mom loves them. Next moth is the time of year they start to bloom, I hope I have a lot of blooms this year and I am going to go buy new plants in the next few weeks  soon as I have a chance to head out to the flower market.

 Have a great weekend and thanks again for visiting!
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Unknown said...

She is just so beautiful!! I'm glad she is so healthy and happy and you too!! :)

Pam said...

Poor little baby Lola, I know how she feels, I don't like shots either!
Your orchid is beautiful! You must be proud of it!
Thank you for following my blog. I enjoy making cards, and it's nice to have an outlet to show them! If I win something then Whoo-Hoo! I have become a follower of your blog.
Have a great day'

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