Wednesday, October 10, 2012

{ WIP Wednesday }

 This is what is on my today, I am trying to get some crafting time in in between training Lola. I am in the Halloween spirit so I am making a couple of projects. I am going to use what I have in my Halloween stash and I have a huge I'm not sure what i am going to make, soon as I am done I will share photos when I am done.

  I hope Lola will let me have some crafting time because she is getting into everything! I love how she can play all day long. She is finally getting into a routine and little by little she will have to get along with the other dogs. Today I ordered a kennel for her its like a big play pen for her so she can be in the yard and the same room as the other dogs until they get use to her. I just love spending time playing with her and watching her explore her new home. I will keep you up to date on how Lola is coming along. Looks like we might get our first chance of rain tomorrow, I cant hardly wait!

Have a wonderful Thursday and thanks again for visiting!
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Angie said...

Loving the goodies and can"t wait to see the project! Good luck with the puppy training, they are full of energy!!

Hettie said...

Hi Joe. Discovered you are my latest Follower so had to call by to say Hi and thank you! I was also curious as to who Lola was so scanned back. She is GORGEOUS!! Bless.
Lots of business on your desk there too!

Miss StampAlot said...

Love it <3 You ar such inspirating =)

Judys Lace Creations said...

Hi Joe! Thanks for becoming a follower of my blog. I think puppies are such wonderful creatures!I'll take a look back at Lola too! Good luck with the Training!
Love those Halloween Goodies! We don't have a big Halloween Celebration here in Australia, but it's getting more popular.I have been looking at blogs from America, and there is some fabulous inspiration to be found! Might have a go next year.Perhaps if I do some swaps. find a pic of the inimitable Lola!

Sandi McLean said...

Oh I do love Halloween so can't wait to see what you get inspired to do. I also have a large Halloween stash, I bought a couple of new bits early on and then determined that I WILL use what I have!

fairy thoughts said...

hi joe
you have been busy hopping around the workdesks this week , is it your first week, haven't noticed you before. thanks for becoming my latest follower. Lola is sooooo cute
janet #49

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