Wednesday, November 28, 2012

{ Sun Flowers }

 Here is a quick update on my Mom since her surgery. She is doing well and her physical therapy is the hardest! She has been going 2 times a week and the rest she does here at home. It is really painful because her knee is very stiff but she has been improving and we are not sure how long she will be going for her therapy. She is a strong lady but the pain is really what is getting to her. I am doing the exercises with her at home and my brother is doing more with her also. Here is a photo I took the other day of her and my Granmas best friend Maria who came to spend the day with her. They were sitting in the smaller patio looking at all the sunflowers and floers that ere in the yard. My Mom had a nice visit with her and it made her happy because even though my Grandma is no longer with us, Maria is still very close to us and is still a big part of our family! I took a few photos of what is left of my sunflowers in boom to share and we have a 9 foot wall and some are taller as you can see. My Orchids have started to bloom as well.

 Lola is doing great and is now almost done with er series of shots this week!! She is getting big and weighs almost 12 lbs now and is the cutest pup ever! I will have new photos soon if she lets me take

Thanks again for visiting!

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Time to be creativ said...

Hallo Joe,
es freut mich von dir zu hören, das es your Mom etwas besser geht.
Sie wird wohl noch einige Zeit brauchen, um ganz gesund zu werden und bis dahin brauch sie noch viel Unterstützung von dir und deinem Bruder. Ich wünsche dir also weiterhin viel Kraft und Mut, das alles durch zu stehen.
Danke für einen Blick of your Flowers, sie sehen wunderschön aus.
Liebe Grüße und gute Nacht, Anja

kate blue said...

the more she does the therapy, the better and less painful it will get! Don't stop and just keep encouraging!

Heather Lynn said...

Hi Joe.. How are you, hun? I sure hope it continues to get easier for your mom and hope she gets back to 100 percent asap!!! So happy she had a visitor for the day! :) Love the pictures of the beautiful flowers. Thanks for sharing!! Talk to ya soon!


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