Tuesday, December 18, 2012

{ Lola visit with Missy }

 I just wanted to share a few photos of Lola and our neighbor Patricia and she brought 1 of her dogs to visit Lola for the first time yesterday. They got along great and Lola was a little nervous at first but she was excited to have Missy and a guest here at home. It was so nice of my neighbor to come and have Lola interact with other new dogs and afterwards I too Lola for a walk to Patricia's house to visit with Missy and they had fun running around in their back yard and Lola was a good girl and very calm. Patricia and myself sat in her patio and had some hot tea while the dogs visited and just enjoyed watching them play and explore the yard. I am going to bring Lola back for more visits and she was a good girl visiting in the house with Missy. I was a cold day but we had no rain yet so it was nice enjoying a hot cup of tea and visiting with our neighbors Patricia and Missy.


Lola giving kisses to Missy
 Have a great day and thanks again for visiting!
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