Monday, July 8, 2013

{ New flower & First walk with Lola }

 Today was the first time my neighbor took her puppy for her first walk on a leash. her name is Lucy and she has been Lola`s play mate. So we took the together so Lucy will learn from Lola and Lucy did not want to walk with her new harness and when we started to walk and Lola went first, then Lucy started to follow Lola. In no time Lucy got the hang of it and they were walking side by side! Lucy was really excited to be out walking and they had the best time ever! So we are going to continue to walk them together with all of our dogs until she is comfortable to be on her own. We did 1 mile for their first walk and can not wait until tomorrow.

 Yesterday I went to get some supplies for my garden and I was not going to really buy any flowers but when I saw this huge flower I had to have one. Its a hibiscus and its burgundy and the flowers are at least 8 to 9 inches! I also bought a few flowers ...LOL I am going to re pot it in a lager pot in the next day or 2. I am also going to be busy re-doing one of my flowerbeds and planting my chili plants in the ground because they are getting way to big for the pots I had started them in. I will post more photos later and I will be working on a project for my cousins new baby in the next week or 2. Here is a couple of photos of my new flower.

I hope everyone has a great week and thanks so much for visiting!
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Vicki L. said...

Hello Joe,
Your Blog is very colorful!I Love the same things too.And then, I seen your picture and I was in-Love!!! I would Love to correspone with you! I can tell you're Full of Love.I like that!
Outside of being surrounded by Flower,plants and lots of color.I do Greeting Card,I'm very addicted! I'm a Catolic-Baptised,1st Communion and Confirmation. Went to Catolic School thru- out my school years. I sell Real Estate.I cried about Lola!!!Email me,I'm running out of room. I am white and Love Mexican Men!!!Don't know if you like white women? But, the love you have for Family,little animals and your home....I'd like to get to know!!!! Thank You!

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