Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bobs Big Boy Broiler

 It was a blast last night at Bobs Big Boy drive in! It was packed with cars from different car clubs around the city. We just happen to go a a Wednesday which is car club night so all the parking spaces for the car hop service were taken. We went inside to have dinner in the coolest diner with a real Juke box playing real 45 records of oldies! It was like walking back in time with all the old pictures on the wall and the feel of the 50s and 60s when u walked in. My Mom said, it was like the old days when she went to a car hop when she was dating my Dad and it brought back lots of memories like the place she went to on Soto street in East L A and it was called Carl's drive in diner. The girls that were working the car hop service were wearing roller skates it was so cool. I took a few pictures they came out OK but we are going back to take more because it was really crowded. Here is a peek from last night.

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