Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Bob big boy broiler drive in !

Look at where we are going tonight ! Bob`s Big Boy Broiler in Downey  I just happened to be driving on Firestone Blvd in Downy the other day with my Mom and as we got closer to the restaurant we could not believe our eyes. They had redone the old Johnny's Broiler. It was a car lot last time we seen it. I had not been in the area since last year and that when it must have opened. The cool thing is it still has the drive in with CAR Hop Service from 4 to 9 pm! My Mom remembers back in the days when they used to go cruising there to hang out and look at all the car clubs it was a hot spot in the 50`s and 60`s.  They used to go there also after the driven movies. We are going to try the Car Hop Service to see what it was like back then. I am hoping my Mom will got with us. I am so excited to go and I hope to take lots of picture to share with you. I cant wait to step back in time even though its 2011. 

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