Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sunday at the Park

 This past Sunday we took Sal's nieces to Disneyland to go on the new Aerial ride. It turned out everyone went also and it was so much fun. First we had brunch at Goofys Kitchen and it was Delicious! The Little Mermaid ride was really awesome, they did an amazing job.It was so hot an humid that day but it did not stop us but I did hurt my knee that day but I kept going for the kids. Then the kids had never been on Grizzly rapids so they went and it was a perfect day to get WET! I did not want to get wet and I watched the 2 youngest while they went on. As you can see they got SOAKED! Ha ha ha... I told them, it was a long day but we had the best time ever and I wish I had taken more pictures ,but it was so hot all we went was cold water.  We sure made Disneyland rich with ALL the waters we purchased!! We are planning another trip soon.  The best part of the day was we were all together as a family spending time and making memories that will last the kids a life time!

Have a great week everyone !
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