Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Old fashioned Popcorn Garland

 This is what me and my neighbor did today after we went shopping. We made popcorn garland.We popped the popcorn then we sat on the kitchen table and both had remembered when we did this as kids during Christmas time. I wanted to add the garland to my tree to give it a more old fashioned look. I think it came out really nice. I love spending time with my neighbor especially when we are being crafty!

 This afternoon me and my neighbor went to go buy these old fashioned Christmas lights I had seen at Wal-mart and I had to have them for next year. They are flickering candle led lights. Way back before there was electricity they would light their Christmas trees with candles but it was dangerous, but that's how they did it in the older days. I had seen some like these a long time ago so when I saw them I had to get them because they were almost all gone, but I bought 4 box's!

Only 12 more days left until Christmas!
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Sue from Oregon said...

What an awesome tree! I so love that popcorn garland! I might have to eat some though LOL!

Heidi Smith said...

I bet I know which kind you are talking about! I have a long strand of them that go on one of my smaller trees. they aren't LED though. the incandescent flicker between a flame shaped element makes them look very real! You can buy just the bulbs for C5 light strands too. check ebay or Ace hardware if you have one. here's the ones I bet you were thinking of... http://www.interiordigs.com/productcart/pc/Christmas-Lights-Specialty-Lights-UL0740-Flicker-Candle-Light-Set-508p13288.htm

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