Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Rainy Crafty Tuesday

  It’s a perfect day to be crafty because it’s a rainy day here and puts me in the crafty mood! I love when it rains here in Cali, which has not been enough this season. When it does I am in heaven. I love to open the blinds and the windows in my studio and watch and listen to the sound of the rain! Here is what my work area looks like today. I am creating a couple of projects today in-between a few errands I had to do today. I am working and a few projects and I will let you know why I am creating them. When the time is right I will let you in on it. So stay tuned!
 Tomorrow I am going to be doing more shopping with my friend Toni, for scrapbooking and crafty supplies. I hope it won’t be raining too hard when we are out.  It will be so much fun because, my friend Toni, loves to shop like me, and we seem to always spend way too much! …lol

Hope you have a great Tuesday!
      And thanks for visiting!
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