Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sunny Saturday

 What a beautiful day we had today.The sun was shining and this was Sal`s weekend off. So we had a nice relaxing day and did a few errands. Then we decided to go get lunch at one of our places,Chipotle! We really like that they offer now brown rice! So we brought it home and it was a feast and my Mom loved it! But she was only able to eat a small but not us,we ate the whole Burrito!

 I spent the the rest of the afternoon organizing my work area in my studio because I had stuff left out from my crafting day yesterday. I also started a huge order from one of our new distributor company we resently got an account with during our visit at CHA.

It was a productive day after all and I think tonight is going to be a movie night here at home relaxing with our dogs Amy,Lucy and Baby. Lets see what Sunday will bring, maybe a trip to the happiest place on earth?  I have more projects to work on or I might just have to go get my Disneyland 

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday, and thanks again for visiting.

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Heather Lynn said...

Hey Joe, Hope you've had a great week! Hope to see a post from ya soon! Take care! hl

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