Saturday, March 3, 2012

It`s been a while

 It’s been a while since I have posted. I have been busy here at home and shopping and trying to get some crafting done. I have been very busy with one of our dogs Amy. She has been going through some medical issues for a few months now and its finally coming done to her having surgery next week! We had so many tests done, X-rays blood work, and we also had a specialist step in with our vet.  She has had infection after infection in her anal glands and in the process with all the antibiotics, it really took a toll on her tummy.  Now she is on a special diet and on antacids and probiotics for her tummy. The funny thing is that she is doing fine other than a sensitive tummy and the infection just won’t go away. It is several types’ of resistant bacteria which is isolated in her anal glands. That’s why we are having her glands removed so she won’t have to be going to the vet EVERY week anymore! This is the only way to get rid of the bacteria. FINALLY!

 She is a trooper and takes her medications well but no more oral antibiotics for her for now. I’m sure she is so tired of taking medication by now. I will keep you posted because she is going to be very sore and tender and she will have stitches on both side by her tail, so I will have to be with her at all time they said because she can’t jump or do any kind of running around for at least a week. I can`t help it but I am feeling nervous but I know she is in good hands.
I was a little crafty this afternoon and this is what I came up with. I had this bottle just sitting here and pieces of lace and some loose pearls in a jar and this rose and I added a little diamond dust to the rose for sparkle. It came out really nice for just bits n pieces.

Have a wonderful Sunday, and thanks again for visiting!
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Unknown said...

Joe, I hope Amy get well soon!
Great project you did.

Heather Lynn said...

Hi Joe, sorry to hear about Amy being . I'm sure her surgery will go well and then she can get to feeling better! :) Love your vase with flower..would look cute in my craft room! lol Hope you have a great day! ~hl

Unknown said...

Great Jo , so pleased she is on the mend. Like the vase with the flowers.
Hugs Elaine

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