Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Amy Is Home

 Just a quick update on Amy and I want to thank all of you for you E-mails and postings and kind words and support about Amy's heath. She is FINALLY HOME! After 9 days at the vets she came home last night. It was a wonderful feeling to bring her home where she belongs. It was hard to leave her there but it was for the best. She is doing wonderful and is on her way back to herself. She has just a little discomfort now but is quickly going away with time. She is happy and excited to be home. Her sister Lucy was beside herself when she saw Amy! She was barking and jumping trying to see Amy!  Her stitches have finally healed and the swelling is almost all gone! She did really good all day today so she is keeping me busy with a huge appetite and is resting and only on 2 medications now! Yippie! I'm am so glad the worst is finally over and that my Amy is home with us! I will keep you all posted and soon as I can, I will add some photos of her. I hope to get some crafting done cause I have a birthday party this weekend.

Thank you again for all of your support and I am truly blessed with wonderful Friends like you!
And thanks for the visit!

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Heather Lynn said...

Sooooo glad Amy is home and doing alot better!! Set her up a comfy blanket next to you so you can get your crafting done and get Amy time~ all at once! :)


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