Saturday, March 17, 2012

Amy Update and Cupcake Album

 Amy did not come home today. Our vet said it was up to us to bring her home today but Monday would be a little better. Her stitches just needed a couple more days at the vet so they can make sure she did not rub them off again and we would have to bring her back and do it all over again. She is looking really good and she is in no pain at all and the swelling is finally gone. We aid we will bring home on Monday. She is in great care and they just think she is the sweetest thing ever!I get to hold her for a while and so did my Mom. She was really happy to see us and I know she misses us because she was crying for us not cause she was sad it was because she does this when she is really excited and happy. We miss her and just a couple more days until she is home. I think this time it will be a sure thing.

 I finally finished the cupcake album and Birthday card for my neighbors baby's first birthday last night. Here are a few photos I took and I gave it today to my neighbors and they loved it!

 Thanks again for all your kind posts and Emails about Amy I really appreciate them.
And thanks for visiting !

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Heather Lynn said...

So glad Amy's not hurting anymore and that you and your mom got to hold her! I bet you are so excited to get her back home tomorrow! Your mini album turned out soooo cute! Love all of the pink and the fact that it's a cupcake!! Adorable, Joe! Hugs to you..hang in there.. Enjoy the rest of your weekend! ~hl

Diana Joy said...

Your cupcake album is fantastic. I just love the colors you used and that is such a cute designed album. Glad Amy's home and doing well. Furbabies are pretty special.

AnArtfulMuse said...

Good to hear about Amy's progress - I hope she continues to get stronger! Great job on the cupcake album - very colorful and creative :)

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