Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A little scrapbooking today

 I was able to get a little scrapbooking in today because I did not have Amy. I have an update on her. I had to take her back to see her vet yesterday. She was not feeling good because she has a lot of swelling and afraid to go potty. One of her set of stitches had opened. They had redid them on Saturday but with her not staying put and trying to run around.  At home and she kept trying to rub them. I did my best to keeping close watch but the stitches are in a delicate area.  I had thought I was going to go pick her up today, but she is going to be at the vets until the end of the week! (Tear)…She needs around the clock care to get her swelling down and stronger medication and they can tend to her better there. I am feeling very sad to have my Amy away for so long but this is the best way to help her get well! I am going to try to keep busy and get a little crafting done to try not to worry about my Amy. I will call daily to see how she is doing. I won’t go and see her because it will only stress her out .Let’s see if I finish the birthday gifts I need to get done. Wish me luck.
This is what my work area looked like today.

Have a wonderful Tuesday and thanks again for visiting!

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Heather Lynn said...

Joe, I am sorry to hear Amy is back at the vet. At least the vet can watch over her there to ensure she isn't getting worse..I hope she gets all better and gets back home real soon!

Love the messy desk with all the pink! lol That cupcake treat bag/box turned out super cute!!

I just saw you have a buttun on your blog..I'm gonna add it to mine! :)

Take Care! Hang in there..Amy will be home soon!!


May said...

Sorry Joe to hear little Amy is back at the vets, you have the comfort of knowing that she will be safe and help is on hand if she needs it, so dont worry!!, Love the makes on your desk they look so cute, Take care, Hugs May x x x

Unknown said...

Soory to hear about Amy , hang in there Joe.Hugs Elaine

Barbara said...

Joe so sorry about Amy im sure they will take great care of her.Keeping her and you in my prayers.

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