Thursday, March 15, 2012

Amy`s visit

 Yesterday and today I went to go visit Amy to see how she is doing at the vet. She is doing amazing! She is getting care around the clock from our vet. She had to  stay because she was having allot of discomfort and swelling from her surgery. So our vet recommended for her to stay so they can give her much needed medication attention to her stitches than we can at home. And so we wont have to be bringing her back everyday. Our vet said we were doing a great job but there is only so much we can do here at home. They are going to have to redo her stitches again because she rubbed them off here at home over the weekend. They are keeping her in a confined place so she can`t run around and try to rub her stitches out again. She was so excited to see me and my friend Toni when we went to see her yesterday and today I just took a peek to see her because I did not want to get her stressed when she sees me and then wants to come home. I will go back tomorrow to see if she will come home or maybe on Saturday morning. I want her to get the best care possible no matter what it costs us. The good thing is she is on her way to recovery and is feeling so much better now that they are with her around the clock.

 We truly have a wonderful veterinarian and they have an amazing staff and I know she is in good hands. I know some people might not understand why we fuss over our pets, but they are a big part of my family!We miss her SO MUCH and can not wait for her to come home because she has been at the vets since Monday morning. I also want to thank everyone for all of your post and e-mails you have sent me concerning our Amy and I truly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart! I am truly blessed to have amazing friends! here is a picture I took of Amy yesterday.

Wish me luck that she can come home soon with us. I will keep you posted on Amy.

Thanks again for visiting !

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May said...

Hi Joe, It is good to hear Amy is on the mend and lovely to see her picture today at the vets,It must be hard for you leaving her there but in your heart you know its for the best at the moment! I am sure she will be home soon, Thanks for the update, thinking of you all Hugs May x x x

Anonymous said...

Hiya Joe, Fingers and toes crossed that you get to take home Amy xx jo xx

Heather Lynn said...

Awww, what a cute picture! So glad she's doing better! Sure hopes she gets to come home asap!! Hugs,hl

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