Saturday, March 31, 2012

New Card

 Its Saturday and its a cloudy and cold day today.We might get some rain out of this but we will see what happens. I was up late last night playing with some of the new paper I had received the other day from Prima. Its called romantique. Its an older line from Prima but its one of my favorites! I made this Kraft card using the paper and flowers from that line. I also did an envelope made of Kraft paper to go with the card.I added some lace and a little bling to the card and it came out with a vintage look. I am thinking of what I will make next because I am so excited on how my Amy is doing now that I will have more time to craft with my friend Toni! Lets see what happens next week after I take my Amy to a follow up and Paco has a follow up too. Wish us luck!



Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and enjoy the rest of your Saturday!

Thanks again for visiting!
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Heather Lynn said...

gorgeous!!! love your card, Joe! you done lovely work! So glad lil Amy is way better! Good luck to both of them (Amy and Paco) at the check up this week!!

Norma Gomez said...

Beautiful card Joe & GOOD LUCK PUPPERS!!

Frank Garcia said...

What an amazing card, beautifully done!

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