Monday, April 2, 2012

Sunny Monday

 Today is a beautiful Sunny day! I wanted to share a photo of a beautiful rose that has bloomed today and its from my Grandmothers rose bush her sister gave to us when my Grandma passes away. Its called the sister rose and she gave it to us in memory of her. My Grandma loved her flowers and her garden that she would tend to every morning while she was still able too. She would love to start new plants from cutting she would get from her friends and neighbors all the time. We Cherish this rose bush because It makes me happy to see the roses and it makes me feel like she is sending me a beautiful smile with each rose and letting us know she is still waiting over us. She has been gone over 2 years now and we miss her each and everyday and there is not a minute in the day that I don't think of her and all the wonderful memories I have with her. I am so thankful to have had such a wonderful Grandmother who loved me as much as I love her! I miss her so much!

 Today I went outside with Amy and her sister Lucy and they just love sitting in the warm sun. It is a beautiful day for them to be outside and as you can see Amy is doing great! Tomorrow is a follow up with her vet to see how she is coming along. Paco has a follow up also so wish us luck.

Thanks again for visiting!
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Norma Gomez said...

What a beautiful rose and wonderful way to honor your Grandmother. Big hugs!

Unknown said...

Hi Jo so nice to see amy looking so well , gorgeous rose Jo and how nice to honour your Nana. Hugs Elaine

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