Monday, May 21, 2012

First Time at Doggy Spa

 Yesterday we took Amy and Lucy to a new pet Spa that just opened in Montebello last week. Its our Veterinarian who who opened a doggy spa with her cousin. Its called Metro Pet Spa and its really a nice place. The specialize in body scrubs and doggy facials and massages for dogs. They also do amazing pet grooming with hair coloring and they add a little bling to your dog. Lots shimmering perfumes and pet jewelry and pet supplies. They even have a doggy Jacuzzi ! They totally cater to your pet and what ever the owner wants and if you want to stay and watch what they do you are more than welcome too. Amy and Lucy loved all the attention they gave them. They had a color enhancement shampoo with a fresh oat meal scrub and a moisturizing treatment. They hand dry them and them brush them after and they brushed there teeth for them. And at the end they had glitter perfume sprayed on them and they did their nails too. The prices are amazing low and they do imported mud treatment with mud from the dead sea.They are also doing a doggy daycare program and photography. You are also able to wash your own pet yourself if you like and they will mix your shampoos and treatments for you. They do cucumber and blueberry facials too for them. We took a few photos of Lucy while they gave her bath. They looked so cute and there coats were so shinny and bright! They use on all natural products and are a paper less pet spa. they even have Starbucks coffee and tea for you while you wait and a flat screen TV with cable for you to watch. We are going to take Baby and Paco next week for their bath/treatment I cannot wait to take them. I highly recommend them! I will share our next visit with you.

Lucy`s first visit!

Have a great week everyone and thanks for visiting!

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Andy Llewelyn-Brinsley said...

Hi Joe, thanks for the follow, I have done the same for you. It's nice to see someone out there who is as mad about their pets as Jo and I are, although our cats have never had a peticure, they just wouldn't allow it!! Love your scrap style and will be checking bakc on a rgular basis now, take care

DIANA L. said...

Thanks for becoming a follower I just became a follower of yours and what a cute story about the cousins and their spa day. I'll have to keep checking back on their activities

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