Monday, August 27, 2012

{ Busy weekend in the Yard }

 It was a beautiful weekend and I had a busy Sunday in the yard.  My dogs Amy and Lucy love to be in the yard and they like the new patio and we got them a new bed so they can sit in the sun in the new patio. I tried to take a couple of picture while they were sitting. I went to visit my great Aunt on Saturday and she is a huge gardener so she gave me a lot of clipping for me to re pot here at home to add to my garden. So I woke up early yesterday and was in the yard by 7 AM! I re potted the orchids she gave me an started a few other plants as well. I finished my bird bath and added some water plants to it and the fountain in the patio are. I also re potted couple of new orchids into hanging pots . Here are a few pictures to share and I still have more to do in the yard.  I also planted sunflowers for my Mom in small starter pots to get them going before I plant them in their spots in the yard.

Amy & Lucy enjoying  the sun in their new bed!

Bird Bath


Orchid Clippings

Large new orchid hanging

Smaller in wooden basket

It looks like it going to heat up here again, but I love to sit in the patio in the evening and just relax listing to the fountain and watch a little TV with my family! I have more to do this week and I'm off to do more shopping for flowers!
Have a great week everyone and thanks again for visiting!

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505whimsygirl said...

Oh, your pups are too cute! I can see how much they love their new bed.

Your yard looks amazing. Unfortunately mine has mostly been neglected this year.


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