Wednesday, August 1, 2012

{ In My Potting Shed }

 Today we went to buy a few more flowers to pot and add to the garden since we have been redoing the back yard. So today I was in my potting shed I have on the side of my house witch I had made a few years back. I had not been in there for a long time because it was being used mostly for storage but I have cleared it out some what. I also moved my birds in there as well. I have a flight cage with 3 cockatiels  I have had for more than 15 years! They love it! So I have been re potting some flowers
and it was a nice day to be in there. I missed being in there like I used too!
 Amy and Lucy where out in the back with me while I was potting and they both love to run around and sit in the sun on the new patio area since the roof is not up yet. I used to garden way way back and it was a really expensive hobby but now my scrapbooking cost me even more...  lol

 I have more flower shopping to do later on this week and its the perfect weather for it!

Potting Table


Lucy and Amy
Once again thanks for visiting and have a wonderful Thursday!
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Kel said...

Omgosh, those doggies are cute! I never got into plants, but I know people who do abosolutely love to garden and tinker with their pots and dirt.. LOL. I hear you about the scrapping expense.. YIKES.. who have thought paper and glue could turn into paychecks dropped at the craft store.. LOL.

Gez Butterworth said...

Sounds like the perfect day!

I'd love to do more scrapping but you are right it is expensive!

Enjoy the weekend. Gez

Kristin K. said...

Looks like a great day by all. I am a follower. Found your blog over at on the blogspot thread. I just created a new blog and will be posting soon. Hope you will come over visit and maybe follow.

Anonymous said...

Hi Joe, just thought I would pop over to see what you were up to...hmmm, gardening! I love gardening but now with my fibromyalgia I can't garden like I used to *sigh* but luckily my hubbie helps out a lot because he knows how important flowers are to me, LOl! Last fall we put in two hydrangeas, 1 white and one blue and they are doing beautifully! I want to put in a flowering crab apple tree so doing research on that now...but only so much money to go around and my art supplies eat up most of our extra cash, LOL! Sheesh! Your pooches are adorable and I envy the garden shed :D
Enjoy the rest of your summer,
Beth P

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