Wednesday, February 13, 2013

{ Lolas update }

 Today Lola came home from a over night stay at our vet. We had her fixed and also had the chip put in her incase she ever gets out. It was just in time our vet said because Lola was just going into heat! I know this is better for her now that she is young and much healthier for her. She is doing great I have to keep her calm and not let her run around for a few days until her surgery heals. Its going to be a challenge because she is full of energy and our vet gave me sothing to relax her for the first few days. She was so hapy to see me and enjoyed the ride hom with me in the back seat. She was hungry and I put here new surgery collar on and gave her the medication and she fell fast asleep! I took just a caople of photos to shar with you. I will keep you posted along the way on how she does. Im going to be busy the next couple of weeks so I will try to post when I can.

The day we dropped her off

The ride home

Resting at home

Have a wonderful rest of the week and thanks again for visiting!

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Unknown said...

Ahh, give Lola a gentle hug for me! All my animals have been fixed...and it was sad to see them perplexed and in pain. My Layla, a little girl Papillon, was done almost a year ago...and she recovered nicely.

But she sure loved the extra special attention!

Unknown said...

You are the best daddy for your dogs Joe! Lola is such a sweet girl. Get well soon Lola!

Justie said...

Lola is a sweetheart. I sure you'll all the attention she wants. All my animals have been fix also.

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