Monday, February 11, 2013

{ B-day card }

 Here is a last minute card I did for one of Sal`s nieces Birrthday this past weekend. It was a short notice and I had to come up with somthing like really quick! They told us on Saturaday they decided to have the party on Sunday because they have another party this Sunday again for another niece insted of combineing them together.It cam out really nice and i also attached a smal package of Dora stickers.His niece was turning 4 so it was perfect. I can not wait until Sunday for the next party and I will have to think of another card to create.

 I am going to be busy this coming week because I am taking my pupy Lola to the vet in the morning to have her fixed! I am so nervouse to take her but it is the best fo her in the long run. I fell bad that I have to put her through this and I am going to be so worried about her because she will have to stay over night at the vets because females have to be watched closeer because of the swelling they have after the surgery. My prro lille girl but she is now 6 months and I cant wait any longer. I will post a couple of photos of her when she comes home and I will have to stay home and not leaver her alone. I will have to take really good care of my baby!!

Have a wonderful week and thanks again for visiting!
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