Sunday, February 3, 2013

{ Memory Frame }

 Here is a simple memory frame I did for my Mom of my Uncle who passed away about 20 years ago. Its my Moms younger brother and I have wanted to ake this for her but I just never got around to actully do it. I had made 3 other different ones for my 2 cousins and my Aunt as a gift. I finally did it and my Mom loved it. Its a simple but nice memory of him and as you can see he loved guns and the old west. He belonged to a gun club and every year they would head out to go camping in thier motor home for a weekend event and they all had to dress the part. My cousin did the same and they would join my Uncle and Aunt. He loved it so much and they both were collectors of antiques and old west items. I still might add a few more western embelishments to the frame later on.

 Oh I have some exciting news about me and what me and Sal started to about 2 weeks ago. I started a weight loss program to get healthy and I have lost 6 pounds since I started it!! WOO WHOO ! It really has me so excited and all I am doing in counting my calories and it works! Its not really that hard but at first I found it to be. We purchesd a food scale and most of the eating places we go have a nutrition guide so it makes it really easy for us.   I will keep you all up to date on how I do and Its really a acomplishment for me because I have been saying that I need to do this and Sal has been very supportive and is doing it with me! I just wanted to share this with you and it also has us walking the dogs like atleast 3 times a week and they love it!

Looks like we have rain on the way here next week in Cali and I cant wait! 

Have a great week everyone and thanks again for visiting!

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jill said...

Love the frame you've made . well done on your weight loss. Long my it continue

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