Sunday, March 24, 2013

{ Missing Her }

 Here is a photo I found today as I was going through my photos on my computer. This is my Grandma and her pride and joy Paco! This is on her 90th Birthday and she had her hair done for that day because we had a surprise luncheon for her in Costa mesa with all of her sisters and brothers. She had the best day ever and was feeling great at the time. This was one of the last photos of her before she became ill. We lost her just 3 days before what would have been her 91st birthday. This brought so many memories back and I miss her every single day. I am  and always will be the luckiest person to have had her as my Grandmother because she taught me so much and was the kindest and most loving woman you could have ever met.I just wanted to share this with you and this poem I had found. Remember life is too short and cherish everyday you are with your loved ones and make everyday count. I know she is in a better place ans she will always be in my heart!

If roses grow in heaven, 
Lord please pick a bunch for me,  Place them in my Grandmother's arms And tell her they're from me. Tell her that I love her and miss her,  and when she turns to smile,  Place a kiss upon her cheek And hold her for awhile. Because remembering her is easy,  I do it every day,  but there's an ache within my heart because I am missing her today.

Miss you Grandma
   your grandson Joe xoxo

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Joyce Ann said...

Hi Joe,
I am so with you. I am missing my mommy and my dad so much. Especially now with the world being so crazy. My mom and dad could always put my mind at ease. I sometimes sit and just think about things and times we had together. My parents have long since passed away but never in my mind or in my heart.

Darlene S. said...

Oh, my eyes water as I read your post. It's hard to lose our loved ones and time doesn't make it ache any less. I lost my maternal grandmother when I was 5 and I can still remember her and a few of our memories together. These are probably some of my most treasured memories as a child. I miss her still. HUGS to you!

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