Saturday, April 6, 2013

{ Its been awhile }

 I know it has been a few weeks since my last posting. I have been working in my yard spring is a busy time and doing work here around the house and My Mom has kept me busy as well. We have had company from out of town and a few birthday party's and Easter just passed. I have Cards to make and our yearly Easter baskets for all the kids! Six this year and they loved the because we hide money in the eggs instead of tons of candy. But they still got 

 Lola has been doing wonderful and into I have been helping out my neighbor while they are out of town on business taking care of the house and their plants and dogs too. I have been fighting with my allergies this year and its been a bad year for me, but I am doing better and working in the yard doesn't help! 

 I have some photos to share with you I know I have not been crafting much but I have a card to share with you and photos of my flower.I think the rainy season is over now so we will be spending more time in the yard. We just had our first BBQ of the year yesterday, with our cousin and his family. It was nice to spend time in the patio and it was a perfect day. 
I hope all is well with you and your families and summer is just around the corner. Hope you have a great weekend!

B-Day Card

Flowering Tree

Sweet Peas

Sunflowers and Morning Glory vines

Thanks so much for visiting until next time!

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Diane Hodrick said...

What a great card...and beautiful flowers too!

Diane Hodrick said...
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Darlene S. said...

The details on that card are so lovely and delicate. Beautifully done! PS. Want to garden for me now? :)

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