Saturday, August 11, 2012

{ Peek of what I am working On }

 Here is a peek of what I have been working on in my backyard/patio the last few weeks. This is what the fountain area looks like at night. We still have more to do until its all complete. I started to get back into gardening and I have really started to redo the yard and I cleaned out my potting shed which we were using for mostly storage. I had not been in there potting for a long long time so you can imagine how quick it filled up.I am working on adding flowers to the second patio area we added for a sitting and relaxing area. This photo is a corner of the main patio I just redid and added a fountain and I am working on the area next to this and I am going to the flower market in downtown early this morning to get some new orchids to add to the rest I already have.

 I know I have not been crafting much the last few weeks but this is the mess on my work space.
It been busy here and I am trying to get a little scrapping in . I am making a couple of cards for a birthday and a sympathy card for my neighbor who just lost her father.  I am trying to do a quick memory frame for my Mom of my Uncle who past away a few years back. It kinda hard with so much going on here but it keeps me really busy!
The weather here has been super hot this past week but it has not stopped me from all the running around to the garden centers and from working in the yard. Looks like we might have cooler weather but we will have to see.

Have a wonderful weekend and thanks again for visiting!
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Norma Gomez said...

Looks beautiful Joe, can't wait to see the rest! Have a great weekend :D

Becky said...

That fountain and flowers looks fabulous Joe. :)

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