Friday, August 17, 2012

{ surprise I recieved }

 Look what Sal brought me when he came home last night from work! A new hard case with a blue tooth key board for my IPad!! It is way cool and it just like having a mini laptop and the keyboard has a really long battery life. I really like that I can take it everywhere I go. He bought himself one too.

 Here is a photo of the hanging yellow orchid I made today. I had purchased the wooden basket at the nursery the other day and I wanted to see if I could pot one myself. The orchids don't need soil to grow so this was really a cool way to display them. I am going to go to a different nursery next week to see if I can find more orchid pots. I am still potting more plants for the yard and this weekend we should have the lights and ceiling fan for the other patio finally done! I cant hardly wait.
I am also working on 2 birthday cards for my great Aunts birthday party tomorrow and it will be nice to see all of my Moms family in one place.There are only 5 out of 12 brothers and sisters left from my Grandmas side. It looks like its going to be another hot day tomorrow!!

Enjoy your weekend and thanks again for visiting!

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